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  1. JPM

    which used car warranty??

    Put a few quid away every month. Use it as an emergency fund if you need any unexpected work. If your first year is trouble-free then you should have a nice sum in there.
  2. JPM

    Trip Computer MPG Inaccuracy

    I use an Android app called aCar to keep track of my fuel expenses. What I have found is the DIS is wholly inaccurate. I get a range of 240 -250 miles from a brimmed tank. Every time I fill up, and reset DIS, the range starts at 320. Average DIS MPG on a tank is usually 21 mpg . In reality...
  3. JPM

    2013 A4 pirelli tire wear

    My fronts are away after 12K and not pushing them. I don't think they suit the S4. I had zero rosso on the TT and they were still good after 19K. Eagle F1's next for me.
  4. JPM

    Q7 Not Starting Correctly

    Original post is 3 years old ;) :end_of_discction:
  5. JPM

    Scottish dealers

    Another positive for Aberdeen from me. Perth were also very good. In the past I would have said stay away from Glasgow but they have redeemed themselves with a recent service issue I had. My next car will be from Aberdeen.
  6. JPM

    Possible MMI 3G Screen Problem?

    Does this screen look normal? I mean, should the sky dominate the top 1/3rd?
  7. JPM

    Software updates?

    While I'm at it whats with the MMI screen only showing two thirds of the map when in 3d orientation? Top part of the display is blue, is it meant to be the sky? When I zoom out to show the entire country, it fills the screen. Aye like that's really useful eh. Yours, Mr Angry.:shutup2:
  8. JPM

    Software updates?

    Well my software updates have reset a few things. The MMI startup screen no longer says S4, it's now a basic screen. I have lost all my music from the jukebox. All my Bluetooth contacts are gone. Navigation favourites gone. Would have been good to have been told this before the update , would...
  9. JPM

    Software updates?

    When I booked the S4 in I was told there are two software updates required. One for the MMI and no sure what the other is. Anyone had any software updates recently? Hoping it's a free map update ;)
  10. JPM

    Oil Change & Inspection Service cost

    Think you got a good deal there. I have found the cheapest so far for just oil change is £164.
  11. JPM

    Looking to buy...

    Is it S-tronic or Multitronic? Must say I am really impressed with the S-tronic. It's a really smooth box. However I miss the manual when I'm in a hurry. The auto seems to get confused on exiting sharp corners, getting bogged down in thewrong gear. It certainly changes your driving style. Take...
  12. JPM

    Looking to buy...

    Hey good work. The facelifted black edition looks fantastic. Long wait though but worth it when you get the keys :)
  13. JPM

    Looking to buy...

    I bought from Aberdeen and they were fantastic. I cannot fault them. I haggled them for two days until I got the deal that I wanted. I went in wanting 10% of list and I achieved that. The end of the month seems to be a good time to go in as they will have targets to meet. I got a fantastic...
  14. JPM

    iPod connectivity

    Is there a small port in the glove box, top left? Some models have AMI but the cable is missing.
  15. JPM

    Oil Change & Inspection Service cost

    Quiet in here eh? :) Anyone?
  16. JPM

    Tyre Pressures for S4 Convertible 2006 +

    Might help if you put the sizes up mate.
  17. JPM

    Oil Change & Inspection Service cost

    Hi All, first time poster but long time lurker. Anyone had an oil change service on a B8 S4 recently? I'm looking for a rough idea on cost before I start phoning around.