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  1. macca

    Rear light swap?

    i have some standard lights you can have for £25 delivered, off a 1998 a4 with the red and clear lenses and include the bulb holders.
  2. macca

    thread closed?

    My stuff is going on eBay now, so you'll have to search there.
  3. macca

    thread closed?

    i'm a bit confused as mine that was open for weeks has now been moved and thrown in with other stuff, i now have lost track who was interested in what, i was only trying to help fellow people with cheap parts and not making anything on it. i understand forum rules, but i wish i could have been...
  4. macca

    '97-8 1.8T Sport. Save or scrap? *purchased pics added*

    i just picked up my catb for £337, as i needed engine and turbo to replace my modded one, damage isn't that bad and gives you some spares to sell on. thing i liked is i could see the engine running before i bought it, as i have bought a duff engine 2nd hand before.
  5. macca


    i had 8*19's and when lowered they just rubbed the arch with et35 offset and 235/35/19 tyres.
  6. macca


    i'm pretty sure quattro and 2wd drive coilovers are completely different
  7. macca

    Why did audi make it expensive to get decent power?

    well i rebuilt my 1.8T engine and got ready to slap a big turbo on, that cost me £5k without engine management/mapping and clutch/flywheel. that would have been good for about 400-450bhp. engine is for sale for £1500 at the moment without turbo (that got stolen before i fitted!), with 8,000...
  8. macca

    Why did audi make it expensive to get decent power?

    my R32 isn't cheap either, i start off with 240bhp, usual exhaust and high flow cats cost about £900, plus £400 for remap, that gets you about 260bhp. then it's induction filter kit, another £200 cams about £1200 - £1500. at that point you're at about 270 to 280bhp, 290bhp is you're lucky. next...
  9. macca

    Why did audi make it expensive to get decent power?

    agree with JCB, the engines are virtually bullet proof, the rods being the main restriction, 300bhp on std internals is double the power they were designed for, a few upgrades and you can get 400 upwards, these engines have produced 700+bhp. 150 to 200bhp with a chip ain't bad, these aren't...
  10. macca

    Modded AEB engine for sale - feelers

    the engine is bare so no oil pump etc etc, i'm not exactly sure about the cams i was told they were fairly mild fast road cams, unfortunatly at the time i was in a hurry and just ordered without going into too much detail. error i know, but i will try and get specs from TES. the valves were...
  11. macca

    Modded AEB engine for sale - feelers

    I have a The Engine Shop AEB 20v Turbo bare engine possibly for sale as I have given up on my Audi A4. Some of you might remember me from 2 or 3 years ago (Mark - Byzan should hopefully vouch for me), i was building a high BHP engine, and got The Engine Shop to build me one of their Power Plus...
  12. macca

    2.0+l 20v stroker build thread (GT2871)

    i wouldn't put that in the car, that would have pride and place in my lounge,
  13. macca

    1.8t fuel consumption.

    i used to get 25 to 28 out of mine, same when my sister had the car and it was std. it is one thing that put me off the audi a bit, as i expected a bit better. still my r32 does 20 to 23, so could be worst.
  14. macca

    Forge or bosch?

    forge ones don't split and fall apart like the platic bosch ones, if chipped i would use forge, you can adjust spring pressures as well then.
  15. macca

    Siena ripped me off

    nick, no probs if you need me again, haven't been on here for a while as just moved house, but all settled in, well nearly.
  16. macca

    2.0+l 20v stroker build thread (GT2871)

    is that the engine i gave you? or did you move on from that?
  17. macca

    VAGcom cable question

    mostly likely problem is 64 bit windows as drivers are different and not compatable, best get yourself onto a 32bit windows, you could do that by dual booting your laptop/pc.
  18. macca

    B5 race or rally cars???

    oh stupid me, i have a scalectrix car of that, of course btcc.
  19. macca

    B5 race or rally cars???

    not quite the same but backdraft motorsport either raced or sponsored an a4 turbo in recent years, as i think it was for sale about a year ago, not sure what series it was in.
  20. macca

    Replacing and re-coding dash clocks in S4?

    i think you are right, canbus i think communicates between interfaces/ecu's etc so you would loose functionality. guess have to look at what canbus is exactly used for on these.