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    A3 tdi wont crank over

    I have a 2.0 tdi 06 plate that cut out and now wont crank over the battery has good charge The glow plug light does not go out as expected and there sounds like relays clicking under the dash, plugged vagcom in no errors found any ideas
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    Will an S3 rear apron fit an s line bumper ?

    I'm looking to turn my 57 plate 3 door A3 s.line into an S3 looker. Will the bottom part of the s3 bumper clip onto my s.line bumper or will I have to get a complete bumper Cheers
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    Problem starting 2.0 TDI. Any ideas...

    It's actually in VW today having them replaced foc :yes:
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    Problem starting 2.0 TDI. Any ideas...

    I will try and keep is short I have a 2.0 tdi 170 golf on a 2008 08 plate. The car was great until a week ago and now its a ****** to start. It will start first flick in the morning but if I stop after 15 mins driving and try restarting the car it fails to start. The car will turn over and...
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    Tensioners just let go ony my 2.0 TDI. Any ideas on cost

    Cheers it's booked in for Friday. Fingers crossed it's not fubar :banghead: At least I've still got my faithful 140 to fall back on :racer:
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    Tensioners just let go ony my 2.0 TDI. Any ideas on cost

    Driving home tonight in my 57 plate A3 2.0 TDi 170 and she looses power and cuts out. Otow. Turns out after a quick look that the stud that holds the tensioner under the cam pullys has sheared off resulting in the belt coming loose. Absolutley gutted as I've only had it 4 months. When I checked...
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    A3 TDI 170 - White Smoke

    Is the car loosing any coolant ?
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    wheel offset and tyre sizes, need info please :)

    My RS6 are 8x18 5X112 ET42 with 225/40/18's and they fit mint. I had 8x19 with 225/35/19 but the ride was too hard.
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    posting pics

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    posting pics

    Hi Voorhees I have tried this but it still wont load :>( The following errors occurred with your submission The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 1 character
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    posting pics

    How do i do it on here I have down loaded them to Image shack and I can't get them onto this site. Any ideas guys
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    Have I just bagged a bargain?

    Nice :iagree:
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    Newbie saying Owdo

    Had my A3 2.0 TDI for a while now so I thought I would say hi. I have put 19" RS6 rims and Jamex coil overs on it so far & I think leather trim will be next:hi: