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  1. Gary_LB

    Riko’s Nardo RS3 Sportback

    Very nice car you have purchased for yourself there! Enjoy!
  2. Gary_LB

    Facelift So long, farewell..

    Looks awesome. Congrats!! You have to love collection day
  3. Gary_LB

    Farewell A4 and Audi

    Enjoy your new car, whatever it may be and be sure to stick around Others who have moved on from Audi are still here :)
  4. Gary_LB

    Q3 PCP on Audi Q3

    Correct however OP is 2 years through a 4 year deal so is unlikely to be at VT point. Unless he put down a massive deposit of course
  5. Gary_LB

    Q3 PCP on Audi Q3

    That’s at the end of the deal not half way through. You’ll find they will offer you closer to the part ex price I’m afraid so you’re going to have some negative equity to deal with. Best off speaking to the dealer
  6. Gary_LB

    Moved on,,,,,again.

    Some of us are simply car enthusiasts rather than brand loyalists :racer:
  7. Gary_LB

    M5 Temptation

    Congrats on the purchase I’m sure you will love your new steed. Sept 1st isn’t that far away however it’ll still feel like a long few weeks no doubt!
  8. Gary_LB

    RS3 vs A45s

    Simply get quotes from the companies mentioned above and take them into your dealer. That’s your starting point and has worked well for me in the past
  9. Gary_LB

    S4 unavailable on Audi UK website

    Be aware that if you are buying a 2017/18 model you will be getting the last of the petrol variant. If you buy new from no on you will get the new turbo diesel
  10. Gary_LB

    Brand new RS3 Saloon

    That is gorgeous!
  11. Gary_LB

    Have you heard the S4/S5 rumour...

    The new S4 will be diesel? I didn’t know :welcoming::welcoming:
  12. Gary_LB

    Facelift So long, farewell..

    That’s a lovely looking car! Congrats! Any interior pics? I bet it’s a lovely place to be
  13. Gary_LB

    New s3 owner

    Very nice car. I love the S3 and RS3 saloon
  14. Gary_LB

    Facelift There's No Love...

    I wonder whether this issue is not so much down to the RS3 per se but high performance cars in general. Its rare you can exploit 400 BHP on our busy public roads, and even harder with AWD as you will never get to the limits of the car There is alot to be said for 200-250bhp being the sweet spot...
  15. Gary_LB

    Facelift Moving on from the S3...

    Congrats on the purchase! I’d certainly be interested in seeing some pics of the ST when it arrives and hearing some of your initial impressions
  16. Gary_LB

    Have you heard the S4/S5 rumour...

    This is true. I tried to sell my B9 S4 back to Audi however they had no interest in buying it back off me, they wouldn’t even make me an offer. When I asked what he thought about the S4 moving to diesel he couldn’t care less as he said they hardly sold any anyway I had no rapport with him by...
  17. Gary_LB

    New MY2020 Facelift...

    Wow! That is stunning!
  18. Gary_LB

    The S4 has gone

    So to compare vs the S4 in terms of performance and driving: Performance: The engine is certainly more immediate so when you put your foot down there is next to no lag (one of my slight gripes on with the S4 was the lag, slow response when pulling away at a roundabout for example. Acceleration...
  19. Gary_LB

    The S4 has gone

    Looks awesome in yellw! I have seen a few online in that colour and it certainly stands out!
  20. Gary_LB

    The S4 has gone

    The A35 looks a great bit of kit so congrats on the purchase Any pics?