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  1. thegingerone

    Transfer from the S3 8V to the TTS 8S section

    I made the move from an 8v S3 to an 8s TTS as well. I find the ride in the TTS much former than the S3. Admittedly my TTS had mag ride and the 20" wheels compared to stock suspension and 18"s on the S3. If i was to buy again I'd get the TTS with 19"s at least and if I could no mag ride.
  2. thegingerone

    Audi Extended warranty - wtf!

    It was £685 for the two years. The excess is £60 on each claim and there is no limit on warranty but car must be serviced buy Audi within 21 days or 1000 miles of notification.
  3. thegingerone

    Audi Extended warranty - wtf!

    I have just taken out a 2 year extended warranty with Belfast Audi on my S3 S-Tronic with 38000 on the clock. It cost &685 and is transferable to a new owner. Where they get me is the car MUST be serviced by Audi, not just with genuine parts.
  4. thegingerone

    Hold Assist via VCDS

    Can I hijack the thread slightly and ask anyone who has enabled tpms with obd-eleven pm how to do this? Many thanks.
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    Facelift Gutted to say the least, advice please..

    Public place also applies to a place where the majority would be permitted access albeit through payment. For example a cinema is a public place as anyone can enter having paid the fee but a members only golf club is not as only a limited few are permitted entry. Same rule applies to car parks...
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    Facelift Gutted to say the least, advice please..

    On a different note this topic is a great advertisement for dashcams. The fact that the other vehicle didn't collide with you is irrelevant, that fact that it's presence caused your partner to take an avoiding action that she would not otherwise had to have taken means that there is a degree of...
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    Kamikaze Fox

    Driving home from work a couple of nights ago I encountered a Kamikaze fox. I was doing about 60mph when i first spotted it run out of the hedgerow towards my car. I slammed on the anchors but there was still that sickening thud. As it was pretty dark I continued on for a couple of hundred yard...
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    Facelift Android or Windows for my FL S3 with Tech Pack Advanced?

    All joking aside its not bad phone. It's called the BlackBerry Priv. Next time you are in Carphone Warehouse have a look at it and you'll be surprised.
  9. thegingerone

    Air Con condenser - design fault??

    Yes we all know how the Condenser works but this is about minimising risk and balancing operational efficiency. As motorists we have to accept that our vehicles are at risk from a variety of potential problems when using on the road but it is not unreasonable for us to assume that a manufacturer...
  10. thegingerone

    Facelift Android or Windows for my FL S3 with Tech Pack Advanced?

    BlackBerry now have Android phones so you may still end up with one.
  11. thegingerone

    Facelift Body Colour Mirrors on facelift S3

    Why not finish the look.... :yahoo:
  12. thegingerone

    Facelift Virtual cockpit options

    I could only suggest that by adding it it will help with the resale of the vehicle. I know when I started looking for an S3 there were plenty available but the ones that had desirable options didn't stay on the market very long. Stuff like the Tech Pack, Comfort Pack, Super Sport Seats and...
  13. thegingerone

    Beep beep...

    Beep beep...
  14. thegingerone

    Audi Beam

    I got mine from Raywell Design although I don't see them on their web store anymore. They may still be on their eBay shop. I did have to realign the logo when they arrived but otherwise they're a great job.
  15. thegingerone

    Insurance puzzle

    Just to mark the water when I was shopping around before buying my S3 I went through comparison websites and the lowest price was with my current insurer cost £270 for the year, about what I had paid for my '07 3.2 V6 TT. I then found a car in London, done the deal and on the day before I was...
  16. thegingerone

    PO PO Police

    Very fancy... in Northern Ireland they go with the Golf R's
  17. thegingerone

    Clutch rest/dead pedal cover.

    The OSIR cover is my next purchase. I will post up a couple of pictures when it arrives.
  18. thegingerone

    Bang and Olufsen demo

    Don't get me wrong it was an absolute prerequisite when I started looking for my S3 and nothing less than B&O would do. I'm just used to more adjustment and power with my previous systems. The flip side being that you couldn't take a standard car to any audio installer and do better for the...
  19. thegingerone

    Bang and Olufsen demo

    The B&O is decent at best. Like you I'm big into my audio. I used to work as an Audio Installer for a company here in Northern Ireland. I had a full JL Audio system in my TT running off an Alpine source. The B&O you tweek the system a little to suit for your tastes and music and there is just...
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    Just check compatibility first. I have the blue collar and red collar ones. The red collar does not work with my old iPod video, only my iPod touch.