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  1. Jet1

    Q7 SQ7 - Who's interested?

    I have had 2 Range Rovers (both classic gen 1's) and I have driven the new one which solved many of the issues the early ones had (like stopping and driving a stick in the ground then getting back in had driving away using the stick to mark your progress!) My main problem with the early Rangies...
  2. Jet1

    Q7 SQ7 - Who's interested?

    My name is already on the list at the dealer IF/WHEN it becomes available in the US.
  3. Jet1

    IF they build it.....

    I will buy one! The concept is sound but it remains to be seen if the diesel will survive and it is too bad as the original diesel engine was designed to run on peanut oil not oil.
  4. Jet1

    SQ5 SQ5 or Allroad BiTDI

    I have a Q7 but recently I was in the dealer and as a loaner they gave me a new all-road, To be honest it was fine but really lacking in space for me. I then drove an RSQ5 and was not overly impressed as I saw no advantages over my Q7. I guess I really like the extra space it provides, although...
  5. Jet1

    Q7 new member-seat wiring question

    Hi I am new to this forum but not to Audi I am on my 4th Audi, a 2012 Q7 prestige 3.0 tfsi s-line. I have installed some 2008-09 sport seats in my Q7 and although the adjustments work properly (red plug under the seat) the heaters are on all the time (green plug). I am thinking it is a mismatch...