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    Leather seats interchangeability

    About the only thing you could try would be to speak to some of the seat manufacturers like corbeau or a specialist shop like demon tweaks and see if they have some adapter brackets. Either that or change the seat sub frame. No easy way I don't think
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    Phones that work with C6 MMI

    Guys I thought I would start a thread not as a discussion per se, but as a place where we can put posts with phones that work with the Audi MMI and potentially ones that don't rather than having to rely on all the other sites that have partial information Now, I am also told that there are...
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    Nick One easy way is all Quattros have Tiptronic The others I am pretty certain have Multitronic (so the Audi dealer told me) I would advise going for Tiptronic and therefore Quattro) Hope that helps
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    Hi Guys....S3 for sale and picking up A6 today!

    Welcome to the dark side. I have just moved out of an A3 into an A6 Avant Looks like a nice car
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    Just bought an Allroad 3.2 FSI

    Wow, what can I say! the A6 allroad 3.2 is a beautiful car and an absolute joy to drive It is in a whole different league to the 3.2 A3:undwech:
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    Just bought an Allroad 3.2 FSI

    Guys now I have bought the 3.2 FSI, is there anything that I should know? It is a 2007 reg with 7000 miles on the clock I have to say I am excited having had the 3.2 A3 which I have just traded in for it Yes I know fuel consumption will be hideous :racer:
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    To Diesel or not to Diesel.......

    Guys I am on a quick visit here from the A3 forum as I am going to buy an A6. I have recently got rid of a 2.0L diesel which I had incredible problems with on very cold mornings due to the diesel being cold. This resulted in a lag between puting you foot on the pedal to get out of a T...