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  1. Johnson3


    you decided what your going for yet mate ? i been running yokohams a048 as we had some nice weather but also looking to change my everyday tyre..... was running P zero previously and i found them ok. shame we done have a nicer climate:( would be running semi slicks all year round :)
  2. Johnson3

    Little update with some new bits :)

    There 18s mate. Sorry couldn't say off set without double checking will post up later when i pop out :) thanks mate :)
  3. Johnson3

    Little update with some new bits :)

    Well yesterday i got my car back together after it being off the road for 2 days as i changed the clutch myself. Had a little trouble getting the transfer box back in but shes in now an working fine. I also give here some new summer daps (AD048 yoko tyres) i have run 888 before but on this...
  4. Johnson3

    Clutch fitting -help please

    bump anyone ?
  5. Johnson3

    Clutch fitting -help please

    The time has come to replace my clutch, Anyone done this them selfs that an give any pointers any guides on here?? Its a 2005 A3 2.0T quattro (y) Any help is great Thanks !
  6. Johnson3

    S3 plate for sale

    S3 mjx Not looking for much make me offer Sorry mods if in wrong section can u move please ...
  7. Johnson3

    Nurburgring 2013 ?? tips/pointers help.

    Im going in may :) can not wait! Gona leave the audi at home and take the toy. Good luck on ur trip mate
  8. Johnson3

    Please HELP!!! Key locked in car, no spare

    Worst case who u insured with?? Brake window and make a glass claim
  9. Johnson3


    hi quick question will a clutch /kit out of a 2006 S3 fit in the 2.0 tfsi quattro 6 speed car.. Or is it the same clutch fitted standard ?? what power will the standard S3 clutch take ? on sensible driving ie. no racing , launching , trackdays dose anyone have a part number for the...
  10. Johnson3

    Brake upgrade ....

    Pm me price m8 i have these brakes (brembo's) but pm me price who know :)
  11. Johnson3

    Brake upgrade ....

    You still have these?
  12. Johnson3

    Clutch ... decisions decisions

    How do you find it in everyday use ? Thanks for ur view :)
  13. Johnson3

    Clutch ... decisions decisions

    My car currently has a uprated sachs organic clutch with the Oem fly wheel. Its running arround 285bhp. i have a feeling my clutch may be coming to its lifes end :crying:. what clutches you guys recomend and what suppliers ?? fitting is not a problem as i can do this myself however...
  14. Johnson3

    stage 2 2.0T clutch slip..!

    Did you ever find a reason for this mate ?
  15. Johnson3

    Hitachi fuel pump help.....

    All sorted :)
  16. Johnson3

    Hitachi fuel pump help.....

    :( Hope i can get one tomorrow really do... Thanks mate :)
  17. Johnson3

    Hitachi fuel pump help.....

    Ok so i changed my cam follower yesterday and when putting the car back together noticed a fuel leak from one of the bottom lines going into the pump.... Its the banjo fitting to the left ( as u look at from front of car) So we un did the spline bolt again and took the pump off to find the...
  18. Johnson3

    Fitted new brakes today :)

    Not change them yet mate on A3 as need different carriers :( Its good man :) aww well im looking after it for u bud :)
  19. Johnson3


    That's me then, I'm 23. Love doing 8mpg around my local mc d's...