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    Carbon B-Pillars - Who's Interested? A3 / S3 / RS3 Owners

    i would want the carbon b pillars for my sportback! but all down to cost obviously which i will look forward to hearing
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    Door Handle Removal

    is there a DIY anywhere that shows how to remove the door handle of an 8p2 A3 sportback? reason why i am asking is my outer door handle cover fell off on the motorway and somehow has managed to snap the clips at the bottom of the handle clean off and as a result i need to swap the entire door...
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    STOLEN A3 S/Line Black Edition WHITE from LEEDS CAR PARK

    This is right down the road from me! *** what is wrong with people these days! Im really sorry to hear about your car Sarah, hope the insurance resolve this as soon as.
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    The Stance Thread

    2) Brand Of Coilover/Suspension/Air Ride FK AK Street Coilovers 3) Wheel And Offset BBS CH 18x8j Et45 4)Tyre And Size 225/40/18 5)Spacer - Brand And Thickness N/A 6) Other info(fender rolling, replacement tie rod ends etc) N/A
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    Original Audi number plate LED's that fit the A3 8P - plug & play!

    can you please confirm the part numbers so that i can order them from tps. thanks
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    rs3 diffuser

    It has been done on a a3 s line with alot of modding however it is a user on this forum, the same user that did the panoramic roof retrofit
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    VCDS in Manchester/Stockport

    Thanks Sandra I just had a look I thought I should post up and hopefully I get a quicker response :)
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    VCDS in Manchester/Stockport

    As above anyone in the area able to check my fault codes and how much? Private message me please
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    Need Help!!

    Just had a check found a problem now which could explain it, the rear passengers door is not locking at all! i need help what could it be?
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    Need Help!!

    Thanks mate i will have a check on it i will get the gas checked out
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    Need Help!!

    Everything is closed i checked everything twice
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    Ordering Cruise Control Tomorrow..

    Would a S-Tronic wheel have the compatible ecu?
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    Need Help!!

    Anyone Else?!
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    Need Help!!

    1. I will have a check if this is the cause hoping it will be and nothing more expensive. 2. It was working fine till 3/4 days ago and they've stopped flashing when i lock the doors. 3. Same as no. 2 stopped illuminating few days ago Thanks
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    Need Help!!

    I have the following issues which i need help fixing. 1. ECON button on the climate control is stuck on it doesnt turn off however there is still cold air coming from the vents but has an odd smell. 2. When i lock the car the indicators do not come on at all, unlocking no problem the...
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    How to remove rear windscreen washer jet

    \ What about the wiper?
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    How to remove rear windscreen washer jet

    My rear windscreen washer jet is blocked with a lot of gunk and i want to remove it and clear it out properly or get a replacement part. How do i take it out? Thanks
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    AfterMarket Subwoofer and Amp in 8P2 A3 Sportback

    I have a MK2 RNS-E fitted at the moment and want to add my sub and amp to the car as the bass in the car isn't mindblowing to say the least how will i be able to do this? Thanks
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    Speaker Problem

    My mate has just recently bought an 8p1 3 door a3 , however the rear right speaker does not seem to be working at all, what could be the issue? it had an aftermarket headunit in there prior any advice what i can check?