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    That seems right. I filled up today - 51 ltrs and still had around quarter tank left (DIS showing 85 miles left before empty) With the 3 quarter tank I done 290 miles. On a average I get around 350 miles - mixture of motorway (70mph) and city driving. Pure motorway driving - 440miles.
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    MPG gone aweful suddenly.

    Hi, Have you checked for boost leaks. Is yours a auto or manual?
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    2.5 Needle lift sensor.

    Europarts currently have 20% off Not sure if it covers your part Code - SERSAVE
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    added extras with VAG-COM

    alarm beep is not a loud beep. I love it because I know I have locked the car. I have enabled this on my car, brothers golf and my dad's A2.
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    It will be 235/45/17. Mine is ok. I use Dunlop tyres. Tyre pressue?
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    1.9 tdi 130bhp fwd vs quattro mpg

    Instead of Redex, try Forte Diesel treatment. But short journeys will hammer MPG. Filters is worth changing - Fuel and Air. With all my cars, i always change all the filters every year. Don't like Audi's recommended intervals for filters. I get 350-400 miles with £65 of Diesel. This...
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    which oil should i use????

    How about Quantum Longlife 3 Oil from TPS. I paid £35 for 6 ltrs
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    Heated washer jets

    Will have a look at the jet tomorrow
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    Heated washer jets

    Thanks James, How do I find out if these are fitted to my car?
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    Heated washer jets

    I thought heated washers was standard on all A4
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    Getting poor MPG

    Defo something wrong. My 2.5tdi returns around 350 to 400 miles (Full tank)
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    Getting poor MPG

    Visual inspection of all boost pipes and check for oil spray near boost/turbo pipes.
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    Getting poor MPG

    Have you checked for any boost leaks? I had a split i/c hose and this dropped my avg mpg to 14mpg!!!
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    new car and i am gutted!!!!

    Sorry mate. 3.0 has no cambelt. It is Chain driven.
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    Ok so my car has been fixed. BUT

    Quick google search on Audi Specialist - Garage - MOT Testing - Spennymoor - Coxhoe - County Durham
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    Ok so my car has been fixed. BUT

    Hi trs888, Instead of taking the car to Audi for diagnostics, do you have any Audi specialist near you or see if there is a forum member near you with VAGCOM? Hi quattrojames, What a nightmare. Glad its all sorted now.
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    Ok so my car has been fixed. BUT

    I was going to say a boost leak, but you mention there is no black smoke. Have you got vagcom to check for any faults?
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    a4 avant 3.0 tdi multitronic thoughts on box??

    Paul B7 - Info on the multitronics - multitronic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia When they start to go wrong they cost a fortune to repair (on the 1.9tdi's) Not sure if the newer mulitronics are better. J9NY X I would not worry, gearbox's are bullet proof and if they do go...