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  1. HotboxDeluxe

    When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

    I don't completely follow you there Staz...agreed there would be an increase in gun related deaths and injuries - but it would mostly be burglars and muggers with holes in them; no biggy :icon_thumright:
  2. HotboxDeluxe

    Autotrader RS5 Review

    I gave up on it too. Got sick of reading about uncomfortable stuff with no stereo, and the publisher's latest penis extension :lazy:
  3. HotboxDeluxe

    Autotrader RS5 Review

    You said it m8 :thumbsup: Evo comic is a load of old toss anyway, let's face it - if a car hasn't got plastic windows and a load of old scaffolding in the back, they automatically write it off as s**t :laugh: 'Cause we all live on a race track, right? :ermm:
  4. HotboxDeluxe

    Finding the S3 boring now...

    ****** hell, I thought Audi folks played on the safe side...hell of an upgrade magnus911! Congrats to you, your 8500rpm redline, and your big balls. Especially the redline :yes:
  5. HotboxDeluxe

    Autotrader RS5 Review

    Because it's always true! I'm impressed with the RS5 though, it's a nice car. And the 8P RS3 that I said would never come out, is coming out, and looks rather tasty :faint:
  6. HotboxDeluxe

    BF moaning

  7. HotboxDeluxe

    Diecast scale models - 2004 Audi A3

    Try Minichamps - I've got a black Sportback here on my desk from them, and I think they do the 3-door as well.
  8. HotboxDeluxe

    I rarely post but...

    It has an Open Sky roof and 4 wheel steering :yes:
  9. HotboxDeluxe

    Can you spot the difference...

    Your grass needs a trim :eyebrows: Very nice indeed! subtle :hi:
  10. HotboxDeluxe

    I rarely post but...

    Something called me back to Audi-Sport today ... ...oh aye, I wanted to post this picture :haha:
  11. HotboxDeluxe

    "spat on Grandfathers war medals"

    I read your last post with interest and a little bit more "neutrality"... I think I may have been a bit trigger happy and apologise therefore. Just a point I wanted to make, when you say 'Muslims' you are referring to the troublemakers, the rabble rousers, the people who want to incite race...
  12. HotboxDeluxe

    "spat on Grandfathers war medals" Your 'odds' are dubious to say the least. Where do you get these 'odds' from? The media? Good luck gathering reliable information there... I only lived in a UK inner city for 25 years, what would I know The automatic assumption...
  13. HotboxDeluxe

    "spat on Grandfathers war medals"

    How were the "odds" against it exactly? The "odds according to sidibear"? No, I didn't. I thought "what a disrespectful piece of s**t" but at no point did I think, "hmm, bet that was a Muslim" - maybe because I'm not a bigot It comes as no surprise to me that you are still typing this vile...
  14. HotboxDeluxe

    Why do this?

    "Poolside"? What, like a verruca?
  15. HotboxDeluxe

    "spat on Grandfathers war medals"

    Nothing to do with political correctness - you can be as politically incorrect as you please, nobody should care. Bigotry is another matter
  16. HotboxDeluxe

    "spat on Grandfathers war medals"

    I'm not surprised you made the assumption
  17. HotboxDeluxe

    A5 sportback ....hhhmmmmnnnn

    I think it's sweet - it's about the only modern Audi I'd actually want to have
  18. HotboxDeluxe

    Audi R8 vs Nissan GT-R?

    Ugliest car in the world with a price tag direct from the book "Funniest German Jokes Ever" - nah the R8 is a bit better than that! I'm bored s***less with seeing R8s every day and would rather a TTRS, that way people would laugh at me for being a camp hairdresser, rather than laugh at me for...
  19. HotboxDeluxe

    Going To Prison

    Wholeheartedly agree!
  20. HotboxDeluxe

    Audi R8 vs Nissan GT-R?

    So when you getting an R8 then? Fixed that for ya mate!