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  1. Fenriz

    Badge Change

    Looks so much better once you've de-badged it
  2. Fenriz

    TTS buying advice

    Ouch that's a lot of problems, this will definitely take some consideration and looking into. Nice colour though.
  3. Fenriz

    TTS buying advice

    Love the look of the Volcano Red, these are all the TT colours I've found so far, not bothered looking at White or Silver. I know some of them aren't TTS's
  4. Fenriz

    TTS buying advice

    Thanks Dazz that helps, I like the idea of the fixed rear spoiler, one less electrical item that could fail :) Kinda ruled Red out already as my A3 is Brilliant Red so will want a change. Sprint Blue I think is a lovely colour same as the Orange (wife doesn't like it though) so that might be...
  5. Fenriz

    TTS buying advice

    Hi guys Currently driving a 2006 A3 2.0TDI S-Line Quattro, but want to get a MK2 TTS 09 or 10 reg sometime in 2015. I ideally want one of the "rarer" colours in the hope of holding more value, I'd like to know what are the colours to look out for eg Solar Orange, Imola Yellow etc. Also, what...
  6. Fenriz

    Show Us Your Beading Shots

    AD Cherry Glaze topped off with Dodo Juice Orange Crush
  7. Fenriz

    The Definitive A3 8P Rattly/Creaky/Noisy Door Window Thread

    After reading this I went to sort my squeak/creaks out, I used a cotton bud dipped in Autobrite Tyre Gel in the fold/flap of rubber and wiped some on the outside edge and down the side section mentioned by Keith, and woohoo no more squeaking. Thankyou
  8. Fenriz

    Got Myself Some Foam

    Autobrite Magifoam is rather good, and give a good thick foam
  9. Fenriz

    Jackos Bluey Mk2.. Build/progress Thread.. Pic Heavy!

    Gorgeous looking car, I so want one of those.
  10. Fenriz

    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

    A few of mine
  11. Fenriz

    BH's Sepang Blue Audi S3 Saloon

    Your right March 2105 is a long time away ;)
  12. Fenriz

    New member from teesside north east england

    Nice looking car.....
  13. Fenriz

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    I would switch the back to black also
  14. Fenriz

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    I'd say go for black, make's the front look moody. Anyway, here are some update pictures of mine baby.
  15. Fenriz

    Post front end respray detail

    There weren't actually any chips in the bumper, just the lacquer had blistered and peeled. I assume they just sanded it down on the car and sprayed, its actually a pleasure to clean the front end now I always got depressed before when I got to the front.
  16. Fenriz

    Post front end respray detail

    Hi all Picked my A3 up from the bodyshop on Thursday night after getting the front end resprayed due to bad road rash and lacquer peel on the bumper. I told them not to clean the dust off as they were about to rinse it down with a bucket of mucky water and a sponge, I almost died when I looked...
  17. Fenriz

    HELP!! Lack of power

    Ok so just taken it for a short drive and everything is back to normal, full power is restored. Now what could have casued that?
  18. Fenriz

    HELP!! Lack of power

    Right had a check round turbo and intercooler, can't see any signs of a hose off. When revving the engine only noise is the turbo whistling, nothing out of the ordinary. I'll take it for a short run soon just incase it's dropped in "safe mode" to see if it's got over it.
  19. Fenriz

    HELP!! Lack of power

    No Smoke, the turbo has been whistling for a long time. Where will I find the boost hose?