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  1. RustyBucket

    Brake Vacuum Pump

    Had this replaced on my S3 recently and the pump is located on the right of the engine block if standing at the front of the car looking at the engine. The unit itself was about £300 but can't remember what the fitting was as it was done with a load of other stuff.
  2. RustyBucket

    Audi dealer service or not?

    This is exactly what I do but not sure I want to pay for the dealer service any more when I can do a better job for less. I'm going to do it myself [emoji106]
  3. RustyBucket

    Audi dealer service or not?

    So no one thinks that I'll 'loose' anything with the indie/diy route as long as I keep all receipts, that's good to hear.
  4. RustyBucket

    Audi dealer service or not?

    My S3 8P is 10 years old now and although it's got a full service history I have to question the value of getting Audi to perform what amounts to little more than an oil change and visual inspection. I'm very happy to service the car myself and can do a more complete job for less money, putting...
  5. RustyBucket

    Stage 1/2 - Custom mapped or/Rtech? come on in

    I was mapped at R-tech and I'm at Stage 2+ at 355bhp @ 385ft/lbs but with BCS Powervalve but no rs4 valve.
  6. RustyBucket

    New clutch, what's needed...

    Wow, upgraded to handle the power no doubt?
  7. RustyBucket

    New clutch, what's needed...

    @S3 ALEX, nooooooo, it's lasted well, what will you put in next?
  8. RustyBucket

    New clutch, what's needed...

    I ran it at stage 2 for 6000 miles and 2+ (at the power output above) for 2000 miles and like I said, I didn't abuse it :-(
  9. RustyBucket

    New clutch, what's needed...

    Yes, the 3+ definitely uses the an SMF but not sure about the 2+ though. Here are a couple of dealers listed on the spec website.
  10. RustyBucket

    New clutch, what's needed...

    I think it's the Spec Stage 2+ the only thing I'm not sure about is if this one uses the DMF or SMF, I'm sure someone else will chime in and confirm either way. I suspect it's more expensive than the Sachs and I could have just been incredibly unlucky, @S3Alex...
  11. RustyBucket

    New clutch, what's needed...

    Consider all your options carefully, Sachs has been a very expensive exercise for me and the first one failed after 8,000 miles (not abused in any way). Sachs have done everything to avoid any sort of reimbursement with a string of conflicting responses about the state of the clutch from 'we can...
  12. RustyBucket

    Replacement Cooling fan part

    The lager of the fans is for the aircon, I've just swapped mine out and got both fans in the assembly from ECP Took...
  13. RustyBucket

    Cooling fan

    Quick update rather than leaving an unanswered question, I've now replace the fan assembly ( and the problem has gone...
  14. RustyBucket

    Exhaust options for stage 2+ ?

    BCS Powervalve all the way, great exhaust and excellent service
  15. RustyBucket

    stage 1 clutch
  16. RustyBucket

    How to Disable Haldex?

    Quick update, this turned out to be a wheel bearing.........not heard one worn like that before but you learn something new every day :-)
  17. RustyBucket

    Sachs clutch

    Have you considered the Spec stage 3 clutch, not got one myself but very close OEM feel and haven't heard of any failures running 2+ power through them. Uses a SMF but this could be a better investment, @S3Alex runs this with loads more power going through it.
  18. RustyBucket

    Smell of petrol..

    Worn cam follower can cause a petrol smell if there's no visible fuel leak.
  19. RustyBucket

    Standard clutch on stage 2+

    More detail about the problems I've had here
  20. RustyBucket

    Standard clutch on stage 2+

    My Sachs organic failed and I don't launch or abuse the car (running R tech 2+ putting out 360/385ft lbs) still trying to work things out with Sachs but its been a very expensive exercise so far.....