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    A1 DRL Upgrade

    Hi Smallpaul, These are a direct replacement to the current DRL bulbs. If you email they will be able to help it's very straight forward.
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    iPhone 5 adapter with mmi

    Dan_G Ive just got a C7 RS6 with the 4G MMI. Not too sure what the different colours relate to...? I will email a guy that I know at Audi and report back soon.
  3. HSP

    iPhone 5 adapter with mmi

    Hi All, Not too sure if you are aware but Audi this week have released an MMI Cable for the iPhone 5. I picked up my new car last week and had the new cable inside. Here is the part number if anyone is interested in getting one 4F0 051 510 AC
  4. HSP

    RS3 Summer meet........... July or August 2013

    1. robbiemac Suzuka Grey, flat primer..... 2. MacDaddy Red, pimped with Silver 3. 45bvtc Cornflower Bluey 4. Vito Hitman Black 5. MBK Red with a touch of Vulva Pink 6. Bilen Daytona Grey (looks to cool) 7. Shark RS3 Daytona Grey 8. Gemmo30 - Strawberry red with 'those wheels' 9. Mr_Freeze Ibis...
  5. HSP

    RS3 Summer meet........... July or August 2013

    I can do the 27th/28th July away in August.
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    A1 DRL Upgrade

    Another small modification to the wife's car...changed the standard ugly yellow DRL bulb to an LED which is error free... T8ups at EM Tuning sorted me out, if some one can please post a picture of the standard DRL as i forgot to take one before I changed them over so you can see the...
  7. HSP

    Owners with - brake squeal - please register your frustrations HERE!

    Add me to the list. Went to Audi with the problem, they say its the first time they've heard about it. Well they know now. 1. elton121272 2. CatnipRS3 3. SGJ 4. JonnyG 5. Macdaddy 6. 45bvtc 7. jamseyd24 8. HullRs3 9. CarrG 10. geek 11. S3 AD 12. gummibear737 13. wickedstef 14. mcentee525 15...
  8. HSP

    My new Daytona grey rs3

    Did you have any issues with any errors on the DIS?
  9. HSP

    Original Audi number plate LED's that fit the A3 8P - plug & play!

    Lala, I only have six options on in byte 17 , the long coding that i have is 76. how do I change??
  10. HSP

    Audi LED number plate lights now available

    Hi Paul, does this flag any errors?
  11. HSP

    How many RS3 owners on here?

    It's annoying...the car has been back 4 times and still got the issue...waiting to hear back from Audi with a solution to the problem. I thought mine was a one off with the issue but seems like everyone with bucket seats are experiencing the same issue.
  12. HSP

    How many RS3 owners on here?

    1. elton121272 2. CarrG - Lime Green 3. jerseypaul 4. JA6ON JL 5. Dave Connelly 6. HSP - Daytona Grey 7. g5und - Daytona Grey 8. Moschops - Sprint Blue 9. Sticks 10. Pauly-b - Daytona Grey 11. White Audi RS3 12. CC23 - Phantom Black 13. MBK - Misano Red 14. Dave Hedgehog -Ibis White I have had...
  13. HSP

    How many RS3 owners on here?

    Add me too please.
  14. HSP

    VCDS Supplier

    Thanks Nigel, great service received my cable within a couple of days :icon_thumright:
  15. HSP

    Picked up my RS3 today

    Enjoy you will have a smile on your face for weeks. I always do when I've been out.
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    Audi A4 2.0 TDI Quattro S-Line LED Upgrade

    Ambient Lighting via VCDS on MMI
  17. HSP

    Audi A4 2.0 TDI Quattro S-Line LED Upgrade

    Thanks Sandra been meaning to put these up for ages :)
  18. HSP

    Audi A4 2.0 TDI Quattro S-Line LED Upgrade

    Just like to share an LED interior light upgrade that I have completed in my A4 2.0 TDI Quattro S-Line LED Red warning lights and LED Door lights.. OEM LED boards (green) and EM Tunings LED boards (white) that are in the front footwells and under the seats for the rear with ambient...
  19. HSP

    Audi A1 Upgraded LED Lights

    Small upgrade to the girlfriends A1... LED interior lights, number plate Lights and headlight bulbs... all supplied by EM Tuning (T8ups) OEM LED board in Green and EM Tunings LED board in white... you can see the difference 8 LED board fitted in the boot which is a much brighter and...
  20. HSP

    Facelift Dumbo Mirrors Fitted - Guide

    Thanks, Ash I look forward to reading your update. :icon_thumright: