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    A6 2.4 Keeps stalling

    Bump! It may be the throttle body, but what would go wrong with it to mean that it keeps stalling a low revs in first gear?
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    A6 2.4 Keeps stalling

    naw it stalls completely at low revs so driving along and go to turn round a corner put the clutch in to change gear slow down and it stalls, steering wheel locks...... disaster!
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    A6 2.4 Keeps stalling

    I just got the A6, my girlfriends brother owned it and had not driven it in about a year. It keeps stalling at low revs like under 1k. I have an autospark looking at it at the moment and he cant seem to figure out whats wrong, he suggests that the throttle body may need replaced. what do yuo...
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    Hello im new!

    Hi Just new to the Audi world, Im from Belfast Drive a vw polo 6n but the gearbox went on it so waiting to get a rebuild In the mean time I got a big comfy bus to get me around a 2.4 A6 , nice big wagon!