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    Value of 2.4 v6 Avant(W/2000) No MOT?

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    Value of 2.4 v6 Avant(W/2000) No MOT?

    2000 Audi A4 Avant | eBay
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    Value of 2.4 v6 Avant(W/2000) No MOT?

    ive seen mint ones go for just over a grand. my father in law buys and sells as a hobby and he had one a while ago and gave 700 quid for it with no tax and about 3 months mot. depends on the right person on the right day. id say with no mot between 500-1000.
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    Jetex cone filter

    all is not lost mate, how much doe u got spare? insurance on mine is a joke, £470 with all mods declared and a ****** scooby was £490 and an evo £700 all full comp. definately going back to jap now, cheaper running cost, cheap to mod and now obviously cheaper to insure.
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    Someone please point me in the right direction please please!!

    yeah ok mate, i wont be racing or spanking the tits off it though as being redhill be plenty of plod. but i give it sum throttle and see wot happens. lol. start new job monday so message me when you wanna meet up and we will go for a spin.
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    Jetex cone filter

    no its not right but to benefit any real gains i would go remap, mine drives and sounds totally different. more boost so turbo is sucking air through filter quicker, hence more noise and response
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    Someone please point me in the right direction please please!!

    yeah seen your car about, think i drove past u on monday about 3ish. is yours black/dark blue?think u had a passenger too...
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    Check Out My Birthday Cake !

    save me a bit, looks top that fella
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    Jetex cone filter

    sounds like a boost leak or summin
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    Someone please point me in the right direction please please!!

    where in redhill are ya mate? im in woodhatch, i could av a look at it and do comparison with power etc.
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    Someone please point me in the right direction please please!!

    Nogmeister that garage can go to hell, ripped him out of his savings, yeah is a really good mate and sound as a pound as old people go. if you told him you lost your wallet he more than likely give you a few quid, he is that nice a bloke. and for what, some mug in a garage thinking they would...
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    Someone please point me in the right direction please please!!

    dont use tc auto near copthorne, they ripped my mate off with a full engine rebuild when all he had was a split oil pipe going onto a turbo, cost him 3 grand for a part that was about 50 quid. and all because he is a gullable pensioner. that garage makes me sick.......
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    Who's the best for a remap on AGU

    i had mine done at gti international by tt-workshop, REVO remap, very smooth power delivery and was only 170 quid. they had to bench map it as the ecu was an early one being AGU which made the obc ports play up when mapping so went back to the old skool method. very impressed i must say though...
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    Jetex cone filter

    grale1 ive got an agu engine with 80mm jetex cone with 70mm reducer going onto a silicone tip, also i bought a heatshield, didnt make alot of difference but it was noticable, its not until i remapped it and put on a 007p recirc valve that it all came to life. its swings and rounderbouts with...
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    just a bit mad!

    i had a vts a few years ago, done the usual exhaust , simota induction, cat cams, polished and ported head etc, had the money then to just throw at getting it done, pushed 178bhp and would thrash standard scooby's and evos. was reliable i must admit as for being french and build quality is...
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    hissing after shut down..normal ?

    mine use to do that , went around and tightened every clip up i could find and it stopped. try any pipes that are pressurised , you may have a leak somewhere. youve just fitted your 007p aint ya? check it aint leaking around the clips etc.....
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    what hose do i need ?

    same happened on mine, the old stock pipe is really weak when it bends, i got some silicone pipe on ebay, 4 quid a meter, 5mm too. put 2 jubilee clips either end and it holds well. look at my pic on facebook jamie. also its really stiff so wont collapse etc with any pressure and also maintains...
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    when does it end !

    jamie it never ends mate, hunt around on ebay and you will find bargains/cheaper stuff. im running smic at mo and it still holds boost but tappered off a bit this afternoon when it got really hot outside. definately go silicone TIP, made my turbo spin so much quicker. with maximum mods on an agu...
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    Blue smoke

    turbo seal