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    power loss around 3250rpm...

    Yea, disconnecting the MAF wont solve the problem but it *will* confirm or otherwise the source of the problem. The guy says that performance is slightly worse with MAF disconnected. (It should be day/night difference). Its not unknown for the MAF to slowly degrade overtime, and the problem is...
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    Sssh sound on s3

    My intake is noisier during winter months due to lower temps/denser air - sounds like a stampede of panto elephants wearing slippers. No harm tho in checking jubilee clips and hose connections tho as a matter of course (esp if you're s3 is remapped). HTh Ed
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    New S3 - tuned already

    Thanks Al_B. Been wanting to know what could be achieved out of the 8P S3... Just out of interest what would the power/tonne be? With these 300bhp+ BMW's about (remapped 535d/335i) its good to know where a new S3 is in the pecking order when it comes to lane 3 status....:think: My calculation...
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    Milltek on S3

    NP - Have sent pm. Hope you get what you want.:cool:
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    Milltek on S3

    Out of the three Milltek's Ive got - The S3 is the best fit & noise (ie no booming under heavy acceleration). The S3's was fitted back in 2004 Fitted by AmD. Had a lot of trouble with the TT's milltek and eventually went to Milltek in Derby, found out there are different versions (tweaks) of...
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    ed jackson from AMD.. where now??

    Recommendation from me - Used APS a number of times this year. Always great service and good rates. Ed
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    Got bored - Drove North Wales - Enjoyed Evo triangle

    Yea, I think I passed right by the ugly house. Only caught a glimpse of it, looked like it had 4 walls and a roof. Also remember seeing signs for Ffestiniog (train?) which is close.
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    Audi Driver @ Castle Combe, pics & video

    Finally got round to uploading my pics from the day. Pics are a bit dark. Ed
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    Got bored - Drove North Wales - Enjoyed Evo triangle

    Thanks defratos - It was a great day, completely indulgent. Just shows that you don't need to go abroad to find the best roads...:thumbsup:
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    Got bored - Drove North Wales - Enjoyed Evo triangle

    The weather was touch n go in Brum, it hadn't decided either to rain or shine. I gambled and decided to head off towards the (in)famous Evo car test route near Betws-y-Coed in North Wales. The TomTom worked flawlessly guiding me past Telford and other towns, progress was good until I arrived at...
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    How much do people pay to insure S3's?

    Whisker over £300 with Admiral multicar (£250 xs). 36 yrs old, 16 yrs NCB, no speeding or claims & Brum postcode.
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    S3 Price/options list

    Pricing £30k-£32k on the new S3 is brave by Audi. Esp considering the depreciation likely. Like stevec says, its not a limited production so you'll easily kiss goodbye to 50% of its value in 3 years. I'd reckon the new RS4 will suffer [from severe depreciation] too because of the mass...
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    Still Lovin my S3

    I've had mine nearly 3 years from new..Still fresh enough to put a smile on my face every time I drive it! :-) Never kept a car this long before!
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    Insurance Renewal

    [ QUOTE ] Got my renewal through from It was £621. [/ QUOTE ] Try a requote thro' the web side using an alias with all the same details for car & address etc. Admiral (part of the same group as elephant) just tried this renewal blag on me again. Went on admiral website...
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    New S3 is due....

    [ QUOTE ] I agree - no lag at all. Straight line acceleration all the way. But a 270bhp 2.0T would surely be laggy by comparison. [/ QUOTE ] Not if theres a superchargers aswell... My money is on a 240bhp 2.0 Super & Turbo charged FSI.........Mid next year...
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    MPG after remap

    After my remap fuel consumption rose very slightly according to the DIS. Over 24k miles on the standard map DIS showed 32mpg, the following 6k miles DIS showed 31.8mpg. Nearly all these miles (post remap) were on longish (M40 motorway) commutes to work (200 mile round trip). The car has only...
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    Rolling road session?

    @Ryanc - Not sure what level of boost I'm running - I would guess it's the standard remap amount for a BAM. Ed
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    Rolling road session?

    Nice to see some new and familiar faces yesterday - my Stage II went better than I had expected! Final figures were 273bhp (229.9) and 326lbft (232). Ed
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    What was this furking quick Skoda??

    A standard PD130 with a AmD oneclick will push out 180/320. Which is enough to worry a standard S3 on the motorway. If you tangled with this VRs you wouldn't stand much of a chance - Its 200/340. Ed
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    Rolling road session?

    Got my S3 booked for stage II, see you all tomorrow! Can almost taste that torque! Ed!