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    My C5 RS6 Daytona Avant

    Loved your S6 thread, loving your RS6 thread! Great work as always, proper lush motor
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    My new C5 S6 Avant - V8 family car

    Ive always loved project threads but havent got into You Tube stuff on the same topic. Maybe Im getting too old :P I much prefer photos and text. As I say, this thread is ruddy brilliant. The amount of dedication that goes into putting it all up online, in terms of time and hassle, is always...
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    My new C5 S6 Avant - V8 family car

    I just bought an S6 a couple of weeks ago, and this thread is brilliant!! I wish mine looked half as nice as this, and its properly sorted too! Great to see folk putting so much care and attention into these cars. Gutted I missed out on the shocks you had for sale, as Im keen to get something...
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    Number Plate Lights On All The Time?!?

    Hi. Wondering if anyone can help with a bit of a random issue I have with my S3? The rear number plate lights are on all the time. It's drained my battery twice before I realised what was causing it. No other lights are on and the lights are off at the dash. Anyone had this issue ever?!
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    Hybrid k04 build

    The OEM S2000 one gets good feedback. I bought one from eurocarparts for £20 and it works a treat ;)
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    Selling my 2003 S3 - Price?

    I paid £5k for a similar car with 48k miles from a garage a year and a half ago...
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    Most comfy coilovers

    Thanks for all the info y'all. So after doing some digging, and taking all the above into account, I recon the best thing for me is a set of Eibach springs with some Billy B8s. Now to do some saving :P
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    Most comfy coilovers

    Would love somit like that, way more than Id like to spend though...
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    Most comfy coilovers

    So with what are probably 11 year old shocks on the S3, Im using it as an excuse to look at replacing the suspension and whilst Im at it, dropping it a bit. However, given its my daily, and the roads in town are freakin awful, I dont want anything too crashy. Im steering towards FK AK Street...
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    Badger5 remap made my day.

    Wish they were closer :( Good results, happy days!
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    Anyone played around with a chargecooler?

    Charge coolers will always be more efficient than an intercooler if designed properly. If not, then theyre a mess :P Agreed tuffty that they are a lot more complicated and if theres space, an intercooler will normally be grand. Ive had a look at the PWR coolers before and would love to get one...
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    Anyone played around with a chargecooler?

    Coming from the world of VX220s, Ive had a few dealings with high intake temperatures. The best way to get temps down in those is to use a chargecooler. Having looked at intercooler mods, I was wondering if anyone has used a chargecooler on an S3? I know theres a fair bit of space at the front...
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    my dolphin grey s3

    First dibs on your S4 wheels ;)
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    Simons Custom Exhausts, East Kilbride. Opinions ???

    A mate of mine used them for his exhaust on his Z4. Said they were very good and certainly looks a good job...
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    my dolphin grey s3

    Where did you get the buttons for the climate control from? my ones looking really rough and would love to do the same :)
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    Off to Bill's for a few tweaks so we've been busy

    Im sooo confused as to how many turbo options there are out there! :blink: Great result though, would be super pleased with that
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    It Likes the Cold Air!!!

    Thanks for the physics lesson fella, Nicol :whistle2:
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    It Likes the Cold Air!!!

    Yeah, my S3 is defo pulling harder in the cooler climate. Roll on xmas and the snow :P
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    How easy to change the rods on your own?

    Just wondering if its possible/easy to change the rods on your own car, in your own garage? Im thinking sticking it up on ramps and cracking on? Ive got a good set of tools and a fair whack of mechanical prowess but dont want to start anything that I cant finish, especially if the car aint gonna...
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    my dolphin grey s3

    Yeah, Im in a sulk now. Two lush VAGs aint fair :p What spacers did you use for the S4 wheels by the way? Really tempted by a set, but worried about wheel wobble etc...