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    Audi A4 Tiptronic box lumpy running problem, please help !!!

    Do the revs 'bounce' up and down slightly (100- 200rpm) at a constant speed? If so then it could be an issue with your torque converter. Google it and you'll find its seemingly a common problem with the tip auto boxes. I have it with my '04 S4. :-( Seems its not a cheap fix either.
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    Main fusebox location?

    Thanks, i've checked all the fuses on top of the battery and now the ones inside the side of the dash.. all look okay. The immobiliser light comes on with the ignition on as norm, then goes out with the rest. It doesnt re-light when trying to start the engine so i'm thinking thats not the issue.
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    Main fusebox location?

    Kind of a 2-part post.. 1 - fusebox location 2 - any ideas for not firing up
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    Main fusebox location?

    Hey all, have done a search for the above but have not found any results that tell me where this is.. My battery negative terminal was loose last night, in re-securing it, it seems that the battery was disconnected briefly and the clock etc was reset. Jumped in it earlier today, ignition...
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    What to do with timing belt?

    Hey all, am having my timing belt changed in a week or so. Now as the car has done 130K and i believe i'm still on the original water pump i'm going to get that changed at the same time. Is it just a case of getting another standard one from Audi or wherever or is there an upgraded/better part...
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    My car has a dirty bum :P

    I've always found mine to be the same.. Before remap and after, so i just assumed its something accountable to the aerodynamics of the rear of the car?!
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    Just got a Revo remap and...

    maybe the extra power is just making your clutch slip??
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    slam panel, head light trim.

    i too am missing the nearside one and it bugs me now and again when i pop the bonnet. Audi were no use as they couldnt come up with a part number etc, same as with yours.. If you do get any luck with part numbers, please let me know!!
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    Temp Sender Unit

    Hey all, think i may already know the answer but being fairly new to the car, i thought it best to check with you guys. When in normal driving conditions (stop,start,etc) my dash temp gauge varies between the next mark up from 60 (75ish?) upto where it should be at 90. Now using the...
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    Flat Battery

    ok, thanks guys. :) will probably go and get a new battery tomorrow afternoon and replace that just to be on the safe side then.. Watch this space as they say!!
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    Flat Battery

    Hey all, hows this for an introduction to a new forum.. 1st post and ive a problem! :( Had my '00 S3 for two days now and so far all has been excellent. However jumped into it just now and it wont start.. Dash lights up, but the engine wont turn over. Popped the bonnet just for a...
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    Insurance - again.

    Privelige.. havent done me wrong in 4years.. always beaten a quote if i've challenged them too!!
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    What to do next?

    what have you got ICE-wise...? I'd get that in there, nothing like a nice blast with quality music playing... If you've got 5G's worth, shame not to use it....
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    Please Help - New Alpine HU - No Sound?

    what are the RCA's connected to from the headunit? i.e whats at the other end of them? they wont go to the speakers... The speakers will be wired up with normal wiring, as in a positive and negative wire... If that makes sense?!?
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    Dodgy Starter Motor?

    yeah, sounds like the starter motor... if you have the same problem another time, if it helps, you can give it a sharp tap with a hammer or something to jolt it, should start fine then... if you can locate it under the engine.!!