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    Audi A7 fuel filter location

    Anyone advise on the fuel filter location and how to replace.
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    Audi A7 oil filter change

    Anyone done this and is the oil just extracted from the small plug at the front and not like a sump plug?
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    Audi A7 3rd brakelight problem

    Audi A7 3rd brakelight not lighting up fully. A few of the leds on the left side aren’t working. Any ideas on the problem and how to remove the 3rd brakelight Stephen
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    How to change A7 headlight bulb

    All done and most definitely take the wheel off to do it. Once you remove the protective guard you expose the back of the light. £90.00 for the bulb and it's a phillips bulb that was in it and that's what I put into it. No difference in colour and all working.
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    How to change A7 headlight bulb

    Thanks for that post and yes this seems the best way to do it which is mad to say the least. Or you can take the bumper off which seems more hassle. I still have to do the replacement and have looked at how best to do it and taking the wheel off is the way forward.
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    Audi A7 Headlight bulb change

    Shocked at the lack of knowledge on these. Very few seem to know much about these.
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    Does A3 have Bluetooth

    My wife is looking at a possible 2011 Audi A3 sport back diesel 1.6 and needs to know does it come with Bluetooth.
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    Audi A7 Headlight bulb change

    Anyone ever done this and can advise?
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    How to change A7 headlight bulb

    Anyone ever had to do this and what bulb to use? Audi for a laugh want £178 for the bulb plus fitting.
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    Audi A7 rear door handle removal

    Sorry it doesn't work. There is a rubber plug in the door that you remove then there's a t20 torx screw there that you back out but still nothing. Amazed that someone hasn't done this before on the web.
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    Audi A7 rear door handle removal

    Hopefully someone an help urgently. I need to remove the drivers side rear door handle to get it painted after a scratch in it. Can anyone advise on this as the paint shop is booked to do this. Thanks in advance!