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    superkarls overhaul

    The 034 metal bushes didn't fit very well in my LCR subframe. Later found out that I bought ones made for a standard MK4 platform subframe (LCR/TT/S3 & R32 have different size bushes apparently). Were a snug fit in my MK4 golf subframe, much better than the LCR one.
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    CRACKED HEAD - S3 / TT BAM Engine

    Replied to your classified ad, pm me if interested :)
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    Snapped clutch pedal!

    If you are struggling drop me a PM as I have complete clutch pedal with master cylinder, much easier to swap over than mess around with the spring - you will realise that tomorrow if you just buy the pedal. I am in Sutton Coldfield but will be around Castle Brom if that's any closer to you...
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    BAM S3 full rebuild for Hybrid or BT

    I have a Relentless V2 (better than v3) for sale if you are interested - pm me :)
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    S3 2001 AMK NEW HEAD REQUIRED advice needed!

    I have a complete AMK head in perfect condition for sale. No need to swap anything over its all there. Want rid of it as it is taking up space in my garage so it is available cheap. PM me if interested :)
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    relentless manifold problem with my audi s3

    Mine was not running WMI during the last few months - AEM kit was siphoning overnight. But then I was not driving the car flat out as my actuator was leaking and car was overboosting so was babying it as much as possible.. Also when I put my car back together these past few weekends I noticed...
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    relentless manifold problem with my audi s3

    Same thing happened with my v2: Support bracket came loose - it MUST be fitted (properly) with these manis. I have got another v2 (i'm mad i know) which has been welded up by Dave - hope it last a bit longer!
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    MMmmmm v2 manifold

    Unfortunately there are not many other manis out there for the K04. The JBS one has quite a few issues - think the other one is from TSR. Not heard much about it other than it is v expensive...
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    MMmmmm v2 manifold

    I now have another V2 from Relentless (well i think it is) getting welded up by S3Dave this week. Amongst some of the issues were the runners did not match with the flange, so its getting ported out. Hopefully this one will last longer - will fit the bracket properly this time.... On the...
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    MMmmmm v2 manifold

    Bad idea not fitting the turbo support bracket. Mine was fited but bolt came loose and fell off. Then this happened: The turbo was moving side to side massively once I had removed the DP. It hadn't totally snapped but only took a little effort to split the mani in two peices - made it...
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    17963 maximum boost exceeded? intermitent boost problem??

    My v2 that I waited over a month to arrive - I feel sick! And peed off too! Requesting a refund as we speak...
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    Rear Suspension Turrets

    Crap that's an S3 - Just realised you wanted pics of an A3...
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    Rear Suspension Turrets

    Horrible picture but its all i have at the moment:
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    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    They do but are not particularly helpful! The way Prawn did it was good - used a string to measure etc. I just did it by eye......
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    Exciting times ahead.....

    If you need a inlet manifold I am selling my SEM with 75mm TB. Drop me a PM if you are interested...
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    PAS part number

    Wow they are so expensive new! I have been selling them for a tenner each! The earlier one does have a slightly different fitting at the front for the pipe, but aside from that the newer one is the same and will fit.
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    taking engine out

    I picked up a complete 1.8T bottom end out of the boot of my mrs Golf all by myself - it was hard but doable - just about. It can be done! But don't just use a trolley jack - its so much easier :)
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    My Boost On A Budget Build

    Thats my tailgate!! Well its yours now... Car is looking nice :)
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    K04 Super hybrid +

    Sounds interesting! Am tempted for go for this when I send you my turbo Dan...
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    Help from someone with knowledge on the bose sound system please

    If you need the BOSE bits drop me a PM as I have the lot for sale very cheap ;)