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    Air Induction Kit/Aftermarket Dump v/v/Re-map

    Hey guys how goes? I have 2007 S3 8P an am thinking of re-mapping, and fitting a bigger Dump v/v for a little bit more "pshhhh", what do you guys recommend?? Also im thinking of putting on an Induction kit but its been years since my days of car modding so have fell behind with the best...
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    Audi TT RS Coupe

    Does anybody have any better ideas of release dates/order-waiting times, prices etc for the new baby. Also, what does you fine people think of it? Im considering trading my 8P S3 for one...?
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    how much money do u spend on petrol a week?

    Im fortunate, i work offshore/overseas for 4-6 weeks at a time so only put in about 60 at a time that does me 10-14 days :arco:
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    Changing out grill instructions

    Guys i remember a while back somebody posted up directions for changing out the grill but i cant find the relevant post. Can anyone advise? Thanks
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    S3 Insurance for a 30yr old!

    Im 25, 7 years Protected NCB, no convictions, with my 24 year old girlfriend who has been driving 5 or 6 years on my new S3, £630 with AA. Live in aberdeen
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    New S3 Mirror cases

    Guys, how would you describe the mirror cases, matt, polished etc?
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    Steering Wheel

    Yeah, flat bottom multi-function is the nutz, is it too late to get it changed?
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    S3 wing mirrors?

    How much do AUDI charge for the S3 Aluminium cases?
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    Your mileage?

    Username.......... Car......... Plate........ First Registered .....Age..... Mileage Phantom ...............S3 ...........07................. June 2007......... 6 Mths..... 6670 CJP80...................S3............07.......... ....... Mar 2007......... 10 Mths .... 21,400...
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    Colour of Number plate holder on New S3 Grill

    Anybody know what the colour on the grill where the number plate is put on? I know they arent specifically colour coded, is is just standard default colour by design or are some coloured?
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    2007 S3 GRILL

    Guys anyone know of competitive suppliers of a replacement grill?
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    New S3 CD player crunching CDs

    Sorry for the thickness but what do you mean by concert 2?? (so i can see if mine is that)
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    New S3 CD player crunching CDs

    As subject, anyone else experienced this problem or does my player just not like my Halliwell tunage?
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    IM 25 from NE scotland, got a 180 000 mortgage, just bought a new S3 and away to get a new kitchen and bathroom, saying that i work month on month off in Brazil and get all my UK tax back each April HOORAY!! So really you dont have to be "OLDER" to get what you want, just work hard and play...
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    new S3 replacement passenger wing mirror

    Have a week old S3 and some tube has knocked the passenger wing mirror slightly crackin it and also smashed the glass, any ideas where and how much it will be to replace, its electric and heated....
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    NEW S3 Dealer Discount

    Jimmy, So what you think about the price this gadgey is offering? The cars in stock but not yet registered....
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    NEW S3 Dealer Discount

    Guys, was at my local (in Scotland) dealership test driving an S3 yesterday and have decided to go for one but hes's talking £30400 for a Blue, ipod ready, phone dock, flat bttm wheel with buckets, does this price sound ok to you guys, this is with a no-trade in. Should i try and get a...