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  1. Mooogie

    A7 enable white ambient door light

    the red LED strip can be changed to any colour through the MMI, Think it is CAR->LIGHTS&VISION->BACKGROUND LIGHTING, then if you choose INDIVIDUAL, you can then set the colour of surfaces and contours. From within, you can also turn FOOTWELL on and off.
  2. Mooogie

    2018 A7 55 tfsi - Major Electrical failure

    guys, just came across this thread in another forum about this issue that myself and others have experienced. For Audi to not accept this being a problem in the UK and recalling cars to have this addressed outside...
  3. Mooogie

    2018 A7 55 tfsi - Major Electrical failure

    anyone know the exact part number for the alternator in a 2018 - 55 TFSI 3.0 MHEV Quattro S-Line 340PS ?
  4. Mooogie

    2018 A7 55 tfsi - Major Electrical failure

    7 weeks have passed, my car still at dealers waiting for a new Alternator that has been on back order all this time and nobody can provide an ETA... totally shocking. Don't buy an Audi..
  5. Mooogie

    2018 A7 55 tfsi - Major Electrical failure

    I've just had same issue today. 2nd gen 2018 55TFSI, 35k miles. Started with electrical fault and Stop/Start won’t function. I though, ok I can live with that (and get it fixed when I get time to sort it out), but next day 15mins into our journey on fast lane of motorway, all systems stated...
  6. Mooogie

    New tyres time

    the Turanza T005 are not discontinued, they just sell out very quickly. I've some on back order through my local Audi dealer who price matched Asda a few weeks ago. due back in stock early Feb.
  7. Mooogie

    A7 Boot Liner

    get the official Audi one. Very good grip and made from a quality of rubber. I found ebay sellers and 3rd party offerings were more of a plastic liner and everything skidded around in your boot.
  8. Mooogie

    New 2018 TFSI 55 A7 Owner - A few questions

    My over the air map updates didn't work until a software update was done during its first service. The OTA updates seem to be local to where your car is located. To update all maps, you can go online to myaudi and download the whole lot onto SDCard and update car with this. Its something like a...
  9. Mooogie

    Genuine Audi Beam Rings Puddle Lights - Audi part no?

    Audi rings, £39.99 here:
  10. Mooogie

    OBDEleven or Carista
  11. Mooogie

    Petrol cap not opening

    I replaced mine on my 2013 A7 and created this post about how to do it. Wasn't able to save the inner cover....
  12. Mooogie

    Code for Sports Diff
  13. Mooogie


    Car was in for its 14500 mile oil change, so here is a list of other stuff Audi performed:- Software was updated to ver: MH2p_ER_AUG35_P2470. Carried out workshop campaign 55K6: Replaced securing clips for the ball head on the rear lid drive. Carried out workshop campaign 90L1 - Updated...
  14. Mooogie


    car is in for its 14500 mile oil change, also doing a number of software updates including the drive assist. They've had it 2 full days now and still not finished. Having problems with the recall/ sw updates apparently..
  15. Mooogie

    Climate control

    I've just booked in.
  16. Mooogie

    A7 Quattro
  17. Mooogie

    Climate control

    2018 second generation (68 plate). Drove for about 1 hour today. Set to AUTO, SYNC, 22degC. Car blew warm for 30mins, then passenger side blew cold for 20mins, then passenger side went back to warm without me readjusting anything.
  18. Mooogie

    Please Help, Tour Pack or Comfort & Sound Pack?

    Yep, go for tour pack. Like others, I fortunatley have both tour pack and C&S packs in my A7, but make much more use of the tour pack. The adaptive cruise control is not only great on motorways, but also in town in queues of start/stop slow moving traffic.
  19. Mooogie

    Climate control

    I have the standard 2 zone climate control. Always have it set to "AUTO", have the driver and passenger setting set to "SYNC" and temperature set to 22degC (both sides obviously with SYNC enabled!). After driving for a while and the car nicely warmed up inside, the car decides to start blowing...