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  1. jillard

    Wheel swap anyone? / got any for sale?

    Hi all I have an s4 with the 5-segment-spoke design alloy wheels in 19" but quite fancy changing to the 5 spoke rotors in 19" Checking eBay of course Thanks
  2. jillard

    New to me Audi S4 Avant

    Hi all just wanted to say hi as it’s a long time since I had my s1 and have now stepped into an s4 as I’m now a dad. Anyone in Warwickshire area? I’m looking into stage 1 map, recommendations welcome! Thanks all
  3. jillard

    Wanted Audi S4 Avant B8.5

    Message me if you are selling one thanks
  4. jillard

    Tyres for 18inch coke bottle alloys

    Great thread. Really considering the size up to 40 purely to be able to buy the PS4, anyone else gone to 40 on the coke bottle wheels? Thanks