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  1. Spider101

    A4 b9 1.4tfsi timing belt

    dust and pollen filter 40,000 spark plugs 40,000 air filter 60,000
  2. Spider101

    A4 b9 1.4tfsi timing belt

    I've got an A4 B9 1.4tfsi and on the myaudi app under service/additional work it lists camshaft drive toothed belt: renew every 140,000 miles
  3. Spider101

    A/C not turning on

    I had the same issue with the greyed out options. Do the options show as white before you start the engine?. It was due to a pressure sensor in the AC circuit showing no gas. In my case the condensor/radiator had a leak but it's possible the pressure sensor is at fault.
  4. Spider101

    1.4 tfsi oil filter

    I've got the 1.4 tfsi engine and plan to service it myself when the warranty has expired (6 months). The oil filter is low on the front left hand side of the engine, when viewed from the front. Is the only option to do it from underneath with the undertray removed or is there a knack to do it...