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  1. Lawrence Ellul

    DRL LED out or bad module?

    Hi Unfortunately I have the same issue. I took the car to an auto electrician who is a former Audi master tech. The problem is in the headlight and there is no way to fix this without opening the headlight. If the car has still warranty get it replaced, else you will be expecting a heafty...
  2. Lawrence Ellul

    Facelift Part of DRL Not Working

    Hi. Didyou manage to resove the issue? I have the lower half of the DRL not working. I hope it is just a module issue as I do not wish to fork out stupid money for a new headlight
  3. Lawrence Ellul

    Facelift (Facelift) Sound settings resetting frequently (B&O)

    It depends on the software version being used and I must also say the MMI hardware. My A3 has a very low production number and when the update was processed resulted in corrupting the software of the MMI, after which Audi simply replaced the MMI unit with a new one under warranty. What do you...
  4. Lawrence Ellul

    Facelift 2020 Audi A3 Final Model Year?

    The UK definitively has the cheapest prices - Bought my A3 s-line nearly 2 years ago with just 2K miles on the clock for £21000, I think the listing price when new was close to £30,000. When I checked the same specifications with my local dealer the same car was worth €44000
  5. Lawrence Ellul

    Facelift Second phone support 8V

    Hi all, has anyone ever tried the second phone support on the 8V? This is an option I have available on OBD11. Has anyone ever enabled it?
  6. Lawrence Ellul

    Missing subwoofer adjustment control

    Just a small note. Whilst the update will give you the sub, unfortunately the audio settings still reset every now and then. As MarttiMat rightly said, if you are still under warranty it is worth having this done free of charge. In my case they could not update the firmware properly as this was...
  7. Lawrence Ellul

    USB charge cable for android

    I have this cable on my 2017 FL A3. it works fine. you can charge the mobile and use android auto as well
  8. Lawrence Ellul

    Facelift DPF rejeneration general query

    Hi all I've recently come across VAG DPF app ( and managed to monitor the regeneration process of my car (1.6 TDI) using an ELM327 bluetooth dongle. The rejen started with around 21g of soot and ended with around 8g. I...
  9. Lawrence Ellul

    Missing subwoofer adjustment control

    Just a head's up... the software update can give problems as I had highlighted in an other post. The service technician at my local dealership tried several times to install the update and every time the software got corrupted leading to a loss in the telephone module. Ultimately after...
  10. Lawrence Ellul

    Facelift Google Earth not working?

    I do not use Google Earth for navigation however till yesterday evening it was not working. Just tried it on my way to work and it worked.
  11. Lawrence Ellul

    Where are you from?

  12. Lawrence Ellul

    B&O with and without tech pack

    I do have navigation
  13. Lawrence Ellul

    B&O with and without tech pack

    Finally the saga is officially over. I'm now running software version 0213 which is the latest software version for my car configuration. The local Audi dealership has changed the MMI unit under warranty and all the features are now fully functional. The software now includes the subwoofer...
  14. Lawrence Ellul

    B&O with and without tech pack

    So the car has been with the dealership for the past 3 days whist I was abroad to rectify the issue and the final outcome is that I need a new MMI module. The MMI was re-flashed a number of times and patches applied but the software is getting corrupted every time. The new MMI module is...
  15. Lawrence Ellul

    B&O with and without tech pack

    The saga continues... As you might remember i updated the MMI to fix the audio setting reset issue and include the subwoofer option. The last time I visited the dealership I ended with the telephone option not working. Apparently there is a service bulletin that the telephone option can get...
  16. Lawrence Ellul

    B&O with and without tech pack

    @ohms12 I had a chat over the phone with the electronics technician of Audi here in Malta and told me that after you remove the battery the windows need to be re-calibrated. To do this you simply close the windows and then do 3 clicks with the window closing switch. This will teach the computer...
  17. Lawrence Ellul

    B&O with and without tech pack

    Ohms go in the MMI/car settings/central lock. There should be an option for open window with long press. Select/deselect the current option. Switch off the car and re-select it. This should be enough to reset the setting. At least this worked for me after updating the software of the MMI.
  18. Lawrence Ellul

    B&O with and without tech pack

    The problem is mainly attributed to the B&O audio system
  19. Lawrence Ellul

    B&O with and without tech pack

    Small update... A couple of days ago I upgraded the software to version 0213 and can confirm that the subwoofer settings are now present and that the audio setting did not reset for the past 5 days. Oddly however the handsfree option is not booting up, (dealership has been notified to find a...