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  1. ScottFree

    Aux input ,how do I play music from phone?

    That cAr is long gone, I’d buy it back if I could find it!
  2. ScottFree

    Aux input ,how do I play music from phone?

    I have Audi navigation plus in my 2011 A3, it has the AUX option but I don’t know how to plug into it to play music from my phone. There is a little adapter port in the glove box fitted with a Bluetooth dongle but that only works for calls not music , thanks
  3. ScottFree

    For Sale 480BHP Audi A7 3.0 TFSI S S Line

    Thanks,I’m still lusting for the V8 sound,I’m sure a well kept example will treat me well!
  4. ScottFree

    For Sale 480BHP Audi A7 3.0 TFSI S S Line

    Hi,could you be more specific,thanks
  5. ScottFree

    For Sale 480BHP Audi A7 3.0 TFSI S S Line

    £18,000 Audi A7 S Line 3.0 TFSI Quattro,the same engine as an S4 B8/8.5 Stage 2 MRC Tune with printout 480bhp 0-60 under 4 Seconds 0-100 9 seconds previous Mature Owner & Enthusiast owned for the past 6 Years, Never abused,0 Launches. This will pull on most powerful cars, it can put down...
  6. ScottFree

    For Sale A7 3.0 TFSI MRC Stage 2 480BHP

    Ask for pics,I can’t attach them for some reason but it’s on eBay looking for £19,000 or closest offer For sale is My Black Audi A7 S Line 3.0 TFSI...
  7. ScottFree

    S4 PCV Valve replacement cost?

    My car is showing symptoms of requiring a PCV Valve replacement,any ideas of a cost at an independent garage? thanks
  8. ScottFree

    Anyone know what Year Audi S7 introduced COD?

    Hi A6 owner here but shopping for an S7 currently. does anyone have info on what model year the S7 introduced the 4 cylinder mode & how would I tell if a particular model year has this feature or will they all have it?would prefer it as it seems to help on MPG from what I’ve read which is...
  9. ScottFree

    Time to leave the BiTDi club

    How does The MPG difference seem? I’m planning to upgrade to an S6 Avant within the next few days but I travel a lot and wonder if it will be a huge difference,thanks
  10. ScottFree

    Turbo repair Glasgow recommendations

    My BITDI has a fault ,I read on VCDS that the Turbo Actuator is Stuck,I’m guessing it need replacing. As far as over read online it’s an electric unit. There’s a few steps I’m not confident with doing myself. can anyone recommend a fair priced garage in Scotland Central belt? I’m in motherwell...
  11. ScottFree

    Does anyone have the Kufatec active sound booster module/kit?

    These sound booster chip boxes are used to amplify the existing sound which comes from a speaker system (Sound generator) attached to the back box(es) externally on the exhaust.The original system is standard to the 3.0 BiTDI engines,Sq5/SQ7 & Maserati Ghibli,if your car doesn’t already have the...
  12. ScottFree

    Anyone fitted a facelift diffuser to pre facelift?

    No I didn’t get to try it,I could suggest buying one used from eBay of a seller that offered 30 Day returns and trying to fit it,if not refund! I went with an aftermarket Carbon diffuser and Quad tips,have a look on my profile posts.
  13. ScottFree

    Sold Santa Cruz tallboy 3 cc frame

    Selling my Santa Cruz tallboy 3 CC frame size medium 2017 model. Professionally resprayed in Audi Nardo Grey gloss to match RS6! Frame includes dpx kashima Rear shock Only after £750 + postage if required
  14. ScottFree

    Sold 8v rs3

    Sold sold sold!
  15. ScottFree

    Quad pipes and diffuser fitted on my BITDI!

    Upgraded my BITDI Diffuser and pipes today. Went with a Carbon diffuser with fins and Carbon Akrapovic Replica Quad Diffuser was from China,required 2 people to fit and a bit of muscle power to manipulate into shape,clips were poorly aligned so I dremeled them off and kept the good ones in...
  16. ScottFree

    Fault codes help

    Thanks I’ll check it out
  17. ScottFree

    Fault codes help

    Strange,I’ll have to make sure it’s gen as I don’t want to be chasing the wrong problem
  18. ScottFree

    Fault codes help

    Thanks for you input,I’ll give it a read. I’m pretty happy the VCDS was genuine as I remember him making a fuss about an unlimited vin version upgrade from 10 vin
  19. ScottFree

    Sold 8v rs3

    Selling my 2015 RS3 Nardo grey 5 door. Has super sport seats and Magride suspension. 44,000 on the clock,webuyanycar offer me around £23,000.
  20. ScottFree

    Q3 Intermittent limp mode - seemingly, when going into low gear

    Did you fine your fault? My Audi does the same sadly