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  1. JWAM

    DIY Wireless Android Auto

    I just got a carsifi wireless android auto adaptor and it works fine. I know that doesn't answer your question, but if you are looking for a fit and forget wireless solution carsifi or aawireless dongles are both fit and forget.
  2. JWAM

    Controversial: upgrades without a remap?

    I would absolutely echo this. If you fit these bolt ons (air intake/exhaust/downpipe etc...) audi will void your drive train warranty in the UK anyway. Unless you take it all off and go to stock for services or any dealer work there is no point. There was a long thread on pH forum a couple of...
  3. JWAM

    Facelift Unitronic Inlet elbow

    Thanks @T-1000 for posting all of this. I'm in the process of parts listing for my upgrades over the course of this year when warranty is up and was leaning toward the eventuri solution despite it being a good deal more spendy. I'd be very interested in your thoughts if you head down this route...
  4. JWAM

    Stage 1 - help and thoughts

    You could also look at ds1 with tvs map for the dsg. Good things about the preloaded off the shelf maps and easy enough to get a remote tune from number of well respected company's, including bevo. Benefits of being able to do your own logs for interests and safety's sske, RAL and map switching.
  5. JWAM

    Post Pics Of Your 8V RS3's In Here

    Over 2 and a half years with this and still looking pretty good. Struggling to decide what to move on to, or whether a post warranty celebratory visit to infinit performance may make the next 3y as good as the last!
  6. JWAM

    Sportback Engine chocking on kick-down

    I would imagine its an ecu thing rather than part of the tcu map. Not sure if ecu mapping can remove this? Perhaps someone with mrc/revo/apr/infinit/unitronic map could comment for you?
  7. JWAM

    Baby seats and boot Space in the saloon

    Congrats on the new arrival! I've got 2 kids, 4 and nearly 2. I've had my 2018 saloon from new. No problems with the boot or access for 2 kids - including for the 'travel system' when my son was a newborn. It helps that my wife is small tho as the seat in front will need to be a reasonable way...
  8. JWAM

    RS3 OPF tuned - Infinit Performance

    Yeah, sadly in the UK the terms of the vast majority of insurance companies include a requirement to notify the insurer if the specification is changed from stock. They will claim and performance modification alters the probability of accidents occurring and thus the cost of premiums. In the UK...
  9. JWAM

    Sportback Engine chocking on kick-down

    It's normal. It's like a sort of 'anti lag'. Clutch opens, revs build to get the turbo spooling (watch the boost gauge) - you hear a mini launch control type noise - then clutches engage in an appropriate gear and the car goes. It also happens if you pull (manually via paddles) 2-3 down shifts...
  10. JWAM

    Audi UK and Lambda Sensor

    I'd be fuming. As ridiculous as it sounds, can't you push it down the road then call audi assist (not that you should have to, I agree audi need to be better!).
  11. JWAM

    Detailing advice for a black, very contaminated car and an inexperienced owner!

    If you're looking to stock up on well priced products that work well bilt hamber would be my go to. Their snow foam works well, but not that thick. Korrasol (fall out remover) is amazing and tar remover is good, you can't go wrong with their concentrated shampoo or wheel cleaner either. By the...
  12. JWAM

    Generic RS3 snags

    Regards the keyless start, I agree completely with ghost and faraday pouch. The keyless start can be disabled by touching the lock pad a few seconds after locking with the remote key fob. To unlock you then have to hit the unlock button on the remote. Helpful for relay theft protection if you...
  13. JWAM

    Audi Pre Sense Warning - Help Please

    Mine played up a bit after lock down. I think the sensors are quite picky over battery health. Have you tried a full charge cycle of the battery? Hope you get it sorted, these intermittent faults are horrible.
  14. JWAM

    Car Pro C Quartz UK

    No worries. Toppers I was referring to being reload, or any other si based lsp over the ceramics. I use sonax bsd in the winter as I found it lasted longer than reload with slightly better hydrophobic properties (and cheaper!), but it is a bit grabby on the paint and doesn't leave that slick...
  15. JWAM

    Car Pro C Quartz UK

    I used it on my (winter) wheels, few coats and a couple of coats of the gliss topper. Outlasted the Gtechniq G5 on my summer wheels by miles. Very user friendly to apply as long as you stick to instructions. I reckon you'll prob get between 12-24 months out of it (with good surface properties)...
  16. JWAM

    Facelift The dreaded Cam actuator fault.

    Thanks for posting t-1000, useful to know. I'm pretty sure iroz have had a us 2018 plate car in for a rebuild as a result of damage done as dealer wouldn't cover it on a mapped car. Are the new solenoids a revised part, or any other options aside factory fit available (assuming if they are a...
  17. JWAM

    Drying towels

    This. I think it's called the carpro dehydr8 or similar. I tried a load before but the large size is awesome and comfortably dries nearly 2 cars without water logging.
  18. JWAM

    Will I regret a PFL RS3?

    Brave lad to solicit advice from strangers on the Internet. I'm with you, if you can afford it and want it then do it. You can't take money with you and I wish I had the cash (or had even finished uni) when I was 21/22 to get an RS3. When I got my first 2 pay packets in the bank I got the...
  19. JWAM

    Inner workings...

    Yeah, me too. Its rare to see the blocks stripped down like that. Interesting, if not surprising to hear how much shared with the lambo v10.
  20. JWAM

    Inner workings...

    So, lock down = a lot of YouTube time. Came across this video out of Iroz workshop. Some good shots and chat of the inner workings of the DAZA. Same YouTube channel had a focus on the iroz 1200whp rs3 if anyone feels the need for power envy...