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  1. Boydie

    S3 PCV Hose Fitting Size

    I have bought a PCV top plate for my S3 to work along side my Forge Catch can however I need a fitting to attach the OEM/Forge pipe to the plate The female end is 6AN but I am unsure what size I need for the PCV hose end (see below) Can anyone help? I can get measurements when I am home...
  2. Boydie

    Q5 2011 Q5 non Nav CarPlay Options?

    Did a quick search but nothing concrete - looking a literal plug and play option for adding CarPlay to our 2011 Q5 which doesn't have Nav/MMI control in centre console Can use the OEM screen (if possible) or have an external mounted one What are the options please Thanks
  3. Boydie

    Facelift Brake Clearance, offset, etc…

    My ET49 wheels cleared the stock callipers no problem but as i said I needed to put 3mm spacers to clear the Racinglines so I assume 2-3mm wider Depends what ET wheels you are running so anything less than ET46 will be ok
  4. Boydie

    What could this mean?

    EPC can mean a number of different things but check the above first In my case, I needed to replace my turbo actuator as it was sticking and forcing me into limp mode mid boost on occasion
  5. Boydie

    Facelift Brake Clearance, offset, etc…

    I have Racingline Stage 2 Evo's on my S3 with 19" OEM wheels ET49 and put 3mm spacers on the clear The car is lowered so if I hit a bump while I turn, the wheel scuffs slightly on the arch screw I am pretty sure. Haven't got round to taking it off yet
  6. Boydie

    Rear washer leaking inside boot

    Its basically a clip that holds the pipe against the nozzle - could just fire some sealant round it and see if that resolves the issue or just pick one up from a breakers if you can't get the part from a dealer
  7. Boydie

    Audi S3 2017 ESP light flashing when accelerating hard below 50

    You can confirm whether or not the haldex is working by putting the car up on the ramp, wheels off the ground and suspension fully extended and drive it - all 4 wheels should rotate - this is something i need to do soon as its doing my head in thinking the haldex has shiiit the bed
  8. Boydie

    Audi S3 2017 ESP light flashing when accelerating hard below 50

    Who did the service? Was pump removed and cleaned? Was the pump reset?
  9. Boydie

    Rear wiper delete, can it be re-added?

    39 here and my S3 is Stage3+ :laugh: drag it, track it, enjoy it!
  10. Boydie

    Rear wiper delete, can it be re-added?

    Won't need coding - literally just plug it back in and connect the water tube - the stalk off the steering wheel activates the pump and motor which sucks water from the main tank at the front Or just enjoy the better look without it :P
  11. Boydie

    Rear wiper delete, can it be re-added?

    Can be reversed but the bung will be sealed in so just be careful removing - can use some heat and press from the outside
  12. Boydie

    Wanted RS3 8V Brake Dust Covers

    Just on the off chance anyone has these or can get them? 8V0615312B 8V0615311B
  13. Boydie

    Brake Cooling

    Already have the ducts so will price out the dust covers and take it from there - thanks
  14. Boydie

    Brake Cooling

    thanks mate, the car is tracked so getting the most out of the brakes would be ideal
  15. Boydie

    Brake Cooling

    Any S3/RS3 owners have a better or improved solution for brake cooling other than the RS3 brake ducts? I have them installed on my S3 but wanting more cooling - there is the option of having the RS3 dust covers installed but half of me is considering removing the covers all together - what do...
  16. Boydie

    Caliper colour change - ideas needed

    Red was a factory optional extra so personally, I would keep them From my experience with painting callipers, its best to have them stripped from the car and done properly as it will last Here is my BBK from Racingline I got in black and changed to red to match my OEM rears
  17. Boydie

    2014 Glacier White Revo S3

    Following on from the track day, cooking my brakes and the fact that they need new discs and pads (last done in 2018 believe it or not) I have been looking at different brakes non stop since really. I kept looking at BBK's but in my head could not justify £2-3k on brakes. It does make sense...
  18. Boydie

    2014 Glacier White Revo S3

    In May 2023, I had another bad experience with dirty fuel, this time from Comber Solo which is documented on my local site. Been pretty good since I had the fuel filter replaced but hasn't been running 100% really but since a full service and fuel filter change, it behaved pretty well. Drag...
  19. Boydie

    Audi S3 3DR Parcel Shelf

    Pretty certain they do not fit but happy to be corrected - I'll check my work carpark for someone in a 5dr and ask to check against mine In fact, I've a mate coming round tomorrow evening in his FL Sportback so will check then
  20. Boydie

    Brake callipers colour on white car ?

    Mine are red from factory