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    my ***

    chaps the *** end of my car sits rather high compared to the front, want to try and even it out but dont fancy weighing the back down with 2 concrete paving blocks so think some adjustable coilovers are appropriate. what options do i have, wanna try and keep it as cheap as possible but want to...
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    New member - pics of my old A4

    now thats exactly why i retro-fitted the votex kit. best kit out there imo. j7uss since when did u get a votex a4? thought u hated the kit? and what happened to the red a4 u had? as u can tell ive not been on in months
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    brake bulbs

    guys i need a new brake light as my esp/glow plug warning lights have came on. i checked the brake bulbs and hey presto one of them have gone. problem is i cant seem to find the relevant bulb to replace it, ive been to halfords 2nite and got a bulb which looked the same as the original bulb...
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    1.8T ESP and EPC lights have come on

    hello fella, hows it going, good to see u still knocking round man!!! kinda sounds similar to a problem i had a year back or so, im no mechanic so i may be completely wrong and u may have a completely different problem but Basiclaly what happened to me was the EPC/ABS/ESP lights all came on when...
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    Abs and Eps Light

    it is located under the steering wheels by where the is connected. im no mechanic but when it happened on mine a couple years back i watched the mechanic replace the sensor, it was a 5min fix. sorry i cant be more specific
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    This weekends "work"

    not a fan but on the plus side those wheels= bone on
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    Abs and Eps Light

    yer faulty brake light sensor, happened on mine. cheap fix ull be glad to hear
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    whats my car worth??

    ah crap yer mileage i knew there was something. mileage is 110k, it will be having its service and mot done this wednesday so the pump and cambelt will be getting done then. i dont have original wheels unfortunately as the car came with the rs6s but at least there audi wheels albeit reps
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    whats my car worth??

    hi guys, ive just recently got a new job which will require me to get public transport to work, yes public transport:banghead: so toying with the idea of getting rid of the audi for a cheaper run around.just after a rough idea of what my car is worth,its just the basic model with no toys as...
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    Whats wrong with my side skirts?

    no thats not my car in the sig mate- i got mine fitted by a bodyshop so yer they may well have sorted the droop, they are the genuine audi skirts though not replica's
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    My first coil pack failure.

    wish i was mechanically minded. where are the coilpacks located and how would you go about changing them?
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    1.9tdi screaming brakes

    this happened to mine when i first bought mine, had all the pads changed,even though they still had plenty of life in them and problem solved
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    Whats wrong with my side skirts?

    Ive got that kit, my sides dont droop like that though!! very strange
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    Which wheels!?

    yer just glued on mate
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    Which wheels!?

    i love em both, think the 2nd set would suit the a4 better due to the fatness of them.
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    Time to sell the cabriolet......... for an RS4 !

    Well im not jealous! : ( no thats defo i great upgrade i wish u well my mate
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    not that i dont like them but i think looking at the pic of ur car which is beautiful by the way it would just look a bit too much. it would just visually clutter the side of the car. u know the way u see these chavmobiles with bits of chrome dotted round all over the place and it just looks...
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    dont know if they fit but if they do, dont do it dude
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    A4 sport suspension questions?

    i can recomend H&R springs from damien as i bought a set and there still going strong on standard shocks a year on
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    Some quick snaps of my new cabrio

    looking good man, any plans for it?