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    S3 8p Pre Facelift Grill

    Some helmet has reversed into my car and driven off, cracked my grill down the side and around the S3 badge, due to get rid of the car soon, anyone have for sale a replacement either new or used or could point me in the direction of where I can pick one up for decent money. Cheers!
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    Wheel bearings

    My rear left wheel bearings appear to have given up and im stuck with a pretty horrible droning noise, anyone who has had the same issues recommend me a place to pick up some new ones, or if you would be so kind as to post up a link to some decent quality ones, had a browse around the net don't...
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    S3 oil

    Think it depends on the dealer whether you get Shell or Castrol provided, to you, the Castrol meets the same 504/507 VW spec that you see at the bottom of the Shell bottle, Not so sure who sells Shell probably TPS as mentioned above or Euro car parts.
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    S3 oil

    Castrol Edge 5W30 is what you're after to meet the spec, asda usually have litres at £12 sometimes as low as £10, that being said if you call into a Halfords and show them that price they will match it for you...
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    how much to repair this scrape ?? bodyshop guys get in here

    Try something slightly abrasive like a rubbing compound, follow instructions see if that takes any of it off if it does chuck up some more pics get a better idea for a price that way :)
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    Right engine oil

    to put the spec to brand it's Castrol Edge 5w30, or Mobil1 5w30 'ESP Formula' they meet the 504.00 507.00 VW/Audi spec pal, cheapest prices for a litre (top up) and sometimes the bigger 4L bottle tends to be Tesco and Asda from experience.
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    Good dealer experience

    bet you got a good deal on your car for this ;)!
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    *****STOLEN A3 YORKSHIRE*******

    try upload the pictures of the CCTV, if it's been found again locally im assuming? chances are someone will know them.
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    *****STOLEN A3 YORKSHIRE*******

    will keep an eye out in Keighley, any screencaps of the CCTV?
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    S3 Owners! What car are you getting next?

    RS4/RS3/S3 8V, any of those in that order.
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    Private Reg info S3 * * *

    Mine is my initials so its personal to me and thus i would have paid more for it if i had to so unless you have a buyer who the plate has a correlation too or you have a word or acronym 'S3 LOL' im sure people would pay more for its hard to put a price on mine was £250 all in from the dvla, put...
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    Photoshoot of the S3

    Nice pics mate, sure ive seen that car about where you from?
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    2009 RS6 v10 exhaust

    See a lot of the top spec audis with akrapovic, sound pretty mega maybe try BCS seem to be the biggest up and comers on the forum seen vids on youtube of various cars with their kits all sound awesome and they get good write ups from everyone on here :)
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    Oil top up kit?

    Yeah a lot of oils overlap however this one didn't cant quite remember what it was but it wasn't right by any means.
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    Oil top up kit?

    I'm sure everyones pretty clued up on what oil to use already but just a quick one, brother picked up a new A1 1.4 TFSI, did come with an oil pack however completely the wrong spec of oil for the car and for a diesel engine. (confirmed by dealer) Be sure to check what you've got! :)
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    *Guaging interest* Group buy on BCS Exhausts..?

    Sounds interesting, keep my eye on this for a price :)
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    Muzza's 2013 Ibis White RS3 2.5 TFSI Quattro

    Looks amazing, hoping to do the same as you moving from an S3 to the RS in a year or so, love the BBS although think they would suit anthracite or a darker colour.
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    S3 Saloon on the track.. a vid I've not seen before!

    HAHA! thanks for that.
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    Best and Worst Stealers

    As far as bad ones go, Bradford Audi on various occasions were pretty terrible, when I was looking to pick up an S3 last year, went had a browse, showed interest in a couple of cars, entered showroom hung around got a few looks from various staff, no one approached, left it at that. Mate on...
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    Did I kill my engine?

    Sounds like a lot of oil even from minimum be about a litre at best :S