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    2004 A8 D3 4.0tdi

    Hi all Have owned a slammed A4 cabriolet for the last 3years which I love but have an itch for an A8 4.0 or 4.2 tdi have seen a 2004 D3 4.0tdi 115k for £3000 . What are they like for reliability as a daily is there an major issues ? Have also read you can lower/slam the air suspension via vag...
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    audi a4 cabriolet alarm issue

    Hi guys thanks for all the replys . Had my car plugged into vag com on thursday & all the codes cleared . Fingers crossed the alarm has not gone off since .
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    headlight lens hazy! can these be fixed?

    Halfords rubbing compound £4.99 . Wet & dry paper buffing mop low speed on an electric drill lots of water so as not to burn the plastic mask around each head light to protect the paint 15 to mins job done look like new .
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    audi a4 cabriolet alarm issue

    Ok guys my alarm is now going off with the OEM stereo fitted . How do i check the alarm unit to see if it's causing it . It seemed to take a day or so before it would go off bit now its going off every few mins . How do i stop it ? I done a double din conversion when i fitted the stereo could...
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    audi a4 cabriolet alarm issue

    Ok guys its defo the new stereo causing the alarm to go off . The new stereo is an xtrons PF72A4AGTR unit with sat nav etc with a can bus decoder every thing works the can bus interface works on the dash display etc . With the new stereo fitted the car alarm randomly goes can be 2-3 hours or...
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    audi a4 b6 cabriolet coilovers

    Hi yeh they do look a bitch to fit im champing at the bit to order mine . Let me know what thete like when you have fitted buddy Thanks sean
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    audi a4 cabriolet alarm issue

    Ok nive one where is the unit mate? I have taken the stereo out see what happen's over the next couple of day's. I have contacted xtrons & they have suggested it might be there canbus interface draining battery voltage thus setting the alarm off .
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    audi a4 cabriolet alarm issue

    Thanks mate will try disconnecting the stereo see what happens. If it is the alarm pcb is it an easy fix ? Thanks Sean
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    audi a4 cabriolet alarm issue

    Hi needs some help i fitted an aftermarket stereo to my audi a4 cabriolet yesterday . Since i installed it my cars alarm keeps randomly going off the stereo was plug & play so no wire cutting . Any advice greatly apprieciate . Thats Sean
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    audi a4 b6 cabriolet coilovers

    Hi all looking at coilovers for my a4 b6 cabriolet £500 to £600 ish Ap or Kw stx? Ap's have alloy adjuster's will they sieze up? Stx 's have nylon adjuster's will they be better. Looking for the best road ride & unit quality any advise on these or other coilovers apprieciated. Thanks Sean
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    a4 b4 cabriolet ariel connection

    Hi i a installing an after market stereo to my a4 b6 cabriolet & was hoping someone can tell me what lead i need to connect the ariel . The oem stereo is an audi concert which has a coxial ariel & a second single yellow ariel plug . Any help greatly apprieciated. Thanks Sean
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    A4 oil leak & ariel issue

    Hi looked at an 04 1.8t cab 93k 1 owner today cheap money 2k but it has a slight oil leak poss cam seal or cam chain ten gasket? Can smell burnt oil after a drive . Thee radio has no reception & the boot gator has been cut taped back up history say's a garage investigated the issue a few years...
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    A4 cab

    Hi looking to buy an A4 cab is there anything i shoul look out for ? Thanks Sean
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    1.8t oil sludge issue

    Hi i am looking to buy an 04 1.8t cab full history 93k . But have read about the oil pump /sludged oil scavenge issues which is making me think twice how common a problem is it ? Should i avoid ? Advice greatly appricieated Thanks Sean
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    audi 80 1.8 cabriolet final edition

    Hi all i am new to the forum after some advise i currently drive a 1997 2.5 t4 as my daily for the last 5 years pretty much trouble free , but for a long while now i have had an itch for a classic audi rag top . My question is would a 1999 final edition audi 80 1.8 cabriolet be ok as a daily...