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    Rolling Road results

    Glad you got there in the end! David
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    New brakes

    David, you were very lucky with the £40 + VAT S4 disks. Think it was an Audi ****-up on price. They have now superseded these with a new part number that are nearer £90 each . Hardly any savings on these at VAGParts either Have you got the EBC disks yet? When I emailed EBC they asked me...
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    In gear acceleration times

    Being 5s slower 70-90 does not sound like performing well to me Sorry! I know you have had the boost checked, but your problem sounds exactly like what my car felt like when the wastegate rod failed. My car drove fine, but fine for a normally aspirated 1.8 (125 BHP), not fine for a...
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    In gear acceleration times

    Very frustrating Did you mean you have already been to C & R, or AMD. Would have thought AMD would have sorted it out for you. If your car is taking 16s for 50-70 it must be way down on power. Surprised nothing gross shows up on a VAGCom or even on a standard Bosch analyser. Come on...
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    In gear acceleration times

    Are C & R any good? They're in Nottingham aren't they and should have seen plenty of 1.8Ts. Don't have any personal experience of them. David
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    In gear acceleration times

    **** Sorry to hear it. Did you get your car tested on a rolling road and have the power measured? Can't remember. If I was you I would take a trip to someone like AMD who know the 1.8T engines inside out and see what they say. David
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    In gear acceleration times

    Ha, ha I had a wastegate rod fail. Basically this leaves the wastegate stuck open, so you don't get any boost. It was fairly common on earlier cars (mine was a 96). Car drove fine except was sloooow. After getting some BS from the dealer I borrowed a colleague's car and measured the in gear...
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    In gear acceleration times

    Simon, Having read the Lamba probe thread I am guessing you are keen to see how your car is performing now Here are what I have for A4 1.8Ts. A4 1.8T Car Magazine 30-50 9.1s 40-60 8.9s 50-70 9.5s 60-80 10.6s 70-90 11.9s Standard A4 1.8T Sport (my figures, 2 up) 30-50 11s 40-60 11s 50-70...
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    In gear acceleration times

    Hi Simon, I'm sure I have this somewhere. Will have a look. What in particular where you looking for? David
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    My newly chipped A3

    I'm glad you are enjoying your new chip! It brings back pleasant memories for me too! When I had my A4 chipped by AMD when I got used to it I actually found that I actually got less wheelspin than before. When standard it was always a fine balance between not having enough revs and the turbo...
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    The original!

    A Mk1 1.6 GTI was my first decent car back in 1983 (Yes that does make me a lot older than most of you lot). Great fun! Initially it had a problem and felt a bit breathless at high revs in the lower gears and at fairly high speeds would initially stop accelerating at certain revs before...
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    Problems with alarm transmitter.

    Arrived back at the car with wife, kids and shopping and couldn't disable the damn alarm. My S4 has an Audi Class 1 alarm upgrade on top of the normal Class 2 immobilisor. This means that I have the normal "key" transmitter and a separate transmitter for the Class 1 alarm. Bit unwieldy, but...
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    heated mirrors not working.

    Yep on earlier models they were on all the time hence in the Summer they burnt out. Daft! Had 3 or 4 sets under warranty on my 96 A4. Last set included a thermostat built in to the mirror that turn off above a certain (low) temperature. These lasted until I sold the car. Neither of the...
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    Late Christmas present for my S4.

    Have been using Whites for a while as I work very close to them in Frimley. The service dept is very close to the roundabout. It's just the showroom that is further into Camberley. Generally found them OK. This time was very impressed with the technician (Martin I think) who investigated my...