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    Head says warranty, heart says Revo!

    I wouldn’t spend the money on going stage 1 tbh .if your going to tune it ,you might as well do it the first time and not pay again for the extra of going stage 1+ or 2 depending who you go with .
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    S4 real world MPG

    Average 22 around town and high 20,s other longer runs .stage 2 car on 20 inch wheels .
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    Another anti roll bar question

    No I don’t have .
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    Another anti roll bar question

    I have 20,s fitted and using 255/30 Michelin PS4S
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    Another anti roll bar question

    Really what I’m looking to stop is the way the car feels like em how would you explained it very boaty as in on say a longer corner rolling sort of .sorry I’m not doing a very good job here am I lol.i want it to feel planted with little or no roll without going to the extremes of changing...
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    Another anti roll bar question

    I have just bought a set of eibach arbs and have been told by several people not to fit the front bar and only fit the rear .what is the reason for this could someone explain please .
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    S4 b8.5 owners value discussion

    Although my s4 avant is a b8 and is 2012 ,it has full service history and it totally mint condition yet when I went to trade it into Audi who were at the time selling basically an identical spec car to mine only a saloon version with higher miles for £19,950 yet they offered me £12.350 for mine...
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    TMU's Glacier White B8.5 S4 - MRC Stage 2

    Mine would use approx 500ml every 1500 miles or so .
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    A bad day at the track

    What are you doing with it ??
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    Bigger front brakes

    No it definitely wasn’t cheap but when you see them in person there massive looking even with my 20” rotors.
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    Bigger front brakes

    Last week I Swooped my s4 brakes for 6 pot brembo and 400mm discs .
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    Xenon bulbs - B8 A4

    The xenon lights in my rs focus that I had before my current s4 were 10 x times better .as said above the s4 xenon are total rubbish compared to a ford.
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    Gloss Black TTRS Rotors on S4?

    I don’t 90% of the time like black wheels .in some photos you can’t even tell what wheels are on a car as there totally lost .just my own opinion ,everyone’s different lol.
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    Help Please Something for the weekend .

    guys could some of you,s do me a favour ,if you get a chance do a 30 - 80 mph pull for me and see what sort of times your doing it in .i want to gauge realistically how my car is performing please compared to other tuned would be appreciated if standard owners would do it also .i know it’s...
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    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    It’s quite low ,what suspension are you using .i have eibach springs just and it’s not quite as low looking as yours .i would like the rear of mine lifted about 10mm.
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    Brembo colour choice .

    If I knew how to I would .
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    Brembo colour choice .

    Have u any side on photos to give me an idea please.
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    Brembo colour choice .

    I can’t post any photos as it’s saying the files are to large .any way to rectify that ??
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    Brembo colour choice .

    I originally picked the ceramic colour ,silver /grey but my painter was doing an amg c63 brakes in yellow and it looked mighty but don’t know if I could live with them as maybe to bright for me .must be an age thing lol.
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    Brembo colour choice .

    No way :wtf: