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    S3 hesitation low rpm

    Sorry but what sort of money, feel free to PM rather than post up here.
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    S3 hesitation low rpm

    Did you pay someone to do this or just do it yourself? Looks rather involved from what I've seen.
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    S3 hesitation low rpm

    It is a manual, but guess it is the seem feeling I am trying to explain, also had a misfire the other day when pulling through 3k small throttle application, not sure, wondering if it is coked up?
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    My S3 8P Sprint Blue Build Thread

    Looks great, any rubbing then, looking to do the same to mine before going stage 1.
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    S3 hesitation low rpm

    Hi All, First post, bought a 2009 S3 about 2 months ago, great condition, 60,000 miles, full audi history (not that that means anything) except recent belt which was done at an indie. It has always had a slight but noticeable hesitation when going from no throttle to a light throttle i.e. as...
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    Pioneer CarPlay Headunit, has anyone got one fitted yet?

    I'm sorry, I have read this thread several times and still not 100% on what I need to order to fit a Pioneer SPH-DA120 to my 2009 s3 with Bose and rns-e. So far I have.
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    24JSeymour Sprint Blue S3 Project Thread

    OK, is it the original paint or just the plastidip? Where are you? can you PM me your address I might be able to pop over later today if your about? Gutted about exhaust :) you still got the short shift and bushes?
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    24JSeymour Sprint Blue S3 Project Thread

    Hi mate, Tim here from nutz forum (met at croft also red turbo), found this thread randomly having just bought an s3 last week only to read you have bought the car that was just out of my reach but ultimately where I want to be (e92 m3) in the right colour. All I can say is you have good taste...
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    Rear tyre wear

    Or left to right, rears seems to wear on the inside, its the default setup of the car.