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    Windscreen Wash not working - RELAY?

    Ahh brilliant thanks mate, will check those out tomorrow and report back, thanks again :-)
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    Windscreen Wash not working - RELAY?

    Hi All, I have an issue wih my 2000 A6 Avant, The windscreen wash was intermittent when I first purchased the car but has now stopped working all together. Ive run a multimeter across the contact (Of the pump) and it pulls somthing between 0.01 and 0.05. Im wondering whether theres a...
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    Complications of running different profile tyres with haldex?

    Ive got hold of some genuine rstt's to refurb with two almost new 225 45 18 tyres. Going to get the wheels powdercoated and fit a full set of new rubber. In the meantime I was wondering if I could get away with running the 45 profile tyres on the rear of my current Reps and 225 40 18s that I run...
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    Audi Driver Inters 2011 - GUEST LIST - (for use of adding names only NOT discussions)

    1. JoJo - Joe - Black 8L S3 2. ScottB5 - Scott - Red B5 A4 Avant 3. FranA3 - Fran - Red 8P A3 4. Reesy - Chris - Blue 8L A3 5. Jsrpar - Paul - Black B7 S4 6. L1 HCS - Helen - Blue 8L A3 7. Drmole - Darren & Lizzie - B7 A4 S-Line 8. Ash B - Ash - Black 8P A3 9. The Doctor - Paul - Silver 8L S3...
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    S3 Sump Removal and Refit (with pics)

    Anyone know what torque to tighten the pickup pipe bolts to? Cheers
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    Short Service Intervals

    Cheers for the replies all, when I say warm up and cool down,I too drive off but just dont go bounding down the road, as for cool down same as above keep the revs down and coast the last mile or so. I didnt mean I sit there just waiting.... As for the service im pretty sure it said 8k to next...
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    Short Service Intervals

    Hi Guys, I've got an 225 S3 which I serviced at 49K on 21/03/2010, changed all the relevant parts with genuine audi items and the correct castol oil. I then reset the service display to what I thought was 8000 to next service.Now on 52,500 its saying service in 100 miles? Is this...
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    Bristol Krispy Kreme Meet 2011

    1. Benskin A3 8P 2. fnmrst red a3 8p 3. bez101 A4 B7 4. Jungleman S3 8P 5. S3 Nattie S3 8L 6. Jine A4 B6 7. SteveMiles70 RS4 Avant B7 TBC 8. Welly S3 8L 9. Absolute_Jon
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    Audi Driver's International - 9th October 2010 - ***Official Thread***

    1. JoJo - Joe - 8L Audi S3 2. CMD - Colin- A4 190T S-Line 3. S3 Hoggy - Matt - Ming Blue 8l S3 4. Shez - Sheridan - A4 2.0T Cab S-Line 5. DriveByHooters - Calvin - A4 hopefully. 6. The Doctor - Paul - Silver S3 8L 7. Bluemerlin - Mike - Muddy Silver Allroad 2.7T 8. Benskin07 - Ashley - A3 8P 9...
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    water bottle leaking

    I had the same problem with mine,but it was clearly apparent that the leak was coming from below the headlight washer. Took the bumber off and could see it was the washer jet itself. In the end all i needed to do was push the cylindrical jasher jet module together and it snapped back together...
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    Hi Rich, By any chance will there be space on the stand this sunday at all? Ill pop...

    Hi Rich, By any chance will there be space on the stand this sunday at all? Ill pop over and introduce myself either way, Cheers, Jon
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    GTI International 2010, June 26/27th - Club Stand

    Hi Guys, this is a new event fo me (First year with an Audi) and ive left it a bit late. Ive looked to book online and they have stopped doing it now. Just wondeing if i was to pay on the gate is there any chance i could get on the club stand? Thanks in advance!
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    Genuine RSTT spec's

    Ok thanks for that guys, Ill hold out and find some Genuine ones.Martay if you drop me a mail when the time comes if i still need a set then ill take a look..... Cheers
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    Genuine RSTT spec's

    Hi Guys, Im looking to get some Genuine RSTT 18" alloys and I just wanted to check what spec's id need to fit onto my car (2002 S3) , as there's a few out there with different pcd,offset and centre bore dia. Also some have been claiming some are stronger than others?? can anyone shine some light...
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    S3 8L Aftermarket H/U Interference

    Ahh ok cheers, Im using pc9-401 currently what would this usually be used for then? Ill get on and order the above connector. Thanks Andy.....
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    S3 8L Aftermarket H/U Interference

    Hi Guys, Ive managed to fit my aftermarket headunit into my 2002 s3 (rear amped) all working fine apart from im getting interference from the rear speakers when the ignition is on, and increases with the engine rpm. Ive got the correct autoleads iso connector and cant think what...
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    s3 2002 Aftermarket H/U Interface Box Space?

    Ok thanks for that,ive had a quick look but im not sure its going to be big enough ,ill have to pull it out to have a better idea. Cheers
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    s3 2002 Aftermarket H/U Interface Box Space?

    Hi, Im looking to install an aftermarket h/u to my 2002 s3. It has an interface box that is about 6in x 8in x 1in deep (Like a very small/ thin amp). I have been looking for somewhere to locate this but the only location I have seen is behind the passengerside rear quater pannel. I was hoping...
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    Battery/Alternator Problem

    Managed to sort the problem out. Was indeed the regulator,took the alternator out and gave it to a specialist,£48 later shes running again... Cheers for the info guys!!