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    A3 8Y Youtube Channel - For Current and Prospective Owners - CRD

    Thank you for sharing your A3 YouTube channel with us! It's refreshing to find content dedicated to helping fellow car owners and enthusiasts. I'm especially interested in your videos about optional extras for the A3 and their value. As a current A3 owner, insights like yours are invaluable...
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    Air-con recharged but still not cold?

    Hi, I've just bought a note (58) all drives really well, and very happy with the car. However the air conditioning is not working! When you press the air con button the light comes on but doesn't seem to get cold? what I have noticed is that when the button is pressed the revs don't drop at...
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    Buying an RS3 privately

    I was entertaining the idea of trading in my B9 A4 and getting a used 2017-2018 RS3 for daily purposes. My intent was not to go higher than stage 1 91 with midpipes since it'll be for daily driving. Assuming the car was in great condition, never abused, and had a clean carfax report, do you...
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    A5 service question

    Hello. my W204's ASSYST PLUS is showing X amount of miles before an A5 service is due. I have rang a couple of dealers re-booking her in for the A5 service only to be told its an A service. I explain that its saying A5 but they insist its an A! When I explain further I get the old 'Oh I see....'...
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    S tronic service audi a7 advice needed

    Hi- my S5 3.0 V6T has had one S-Tronic gearbox oil change in the service history. It's now at 90000 and I reckon I need another. Does anyone know how much, and does it have to be done by Audi? Thanks