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  1. J

    JayP's S3...

    So today i decided to work on the rear lights. Were starting to look a bit dull and had been thinking for a while about adding a light tint. Used the 3M Restoration Kit, very easy to use Taped up around lights Drivers side before Drivers side after Passenger side before Passenger side...
  2. J

    JayP's S3...

    Thanks for the comments guys! :) LOL! I'll keep a look out for you guys too. Maybe we can meet up sometime? I didn't notice much difference with the 008 on as i'm still on the standard map but when i eventually get around to having a remap done then i'm sure it's money well spent. Thanks...
  3. J

    Sometimes the cheapest mods.

    Nice touch!
  4. J

    Elsecar Mega Meet 2013 Photos

    Top photos mate! Any more?
  5. J

    Calling ALL A6 owners - PICS Post them on up

    I did start a C6 pic thread here
  6. J

    JayP's S3...

    Latest updates: Pressed Plates are on Was short of velcro hence gap at top. And so is the grill
  7. J

    Getting it lower!!

    Just out of interest what wheels are you running?
  8. J

    Lupo at UD 2013

    Here's another vid. MJ - Man In The Mirror being played at around half volume :rock: 1Jftkgy7F4k
  9. J

    Finally got my wheels sorted.

    Looking very nice! What ET are the rims and what size tyres are you running?
  10. J

    One reason not to take your Car to your local Handwash place.

    I hate these hand car wash places. Nice MK 4 wrecked. Hope no one was hurt. Feel sorry for the owner hope the car get repaired.
  11. J

    Attending list. 11th Of August.

    1, ScottB5 - Camping/Hotel Saturday night. A4 B5 Avant. 2, Jay A3 - Camping/Hotel Saturday night. A3 8L 3, A3-Lee - Probably just come down Sunday A3 8L 4, s3 syc - camping/hotel saturday night 8p s3, heading down for the 1st time 5, Turbo Jay - Camping/Hotel Saturday night. A3 8P 6, rossy173 -...
  12. J

    GTI International Attending list. 6/7th Of July

    1,ScottB5 - Camping all weekend. A4 B5 Avant. 2, Jay A3 - Camping Fri - Sun. A3 8L 3, rhubarb4 Chris, Camping all weekend 8L S3 4, The Doctor (Paul) - Sat, Sun & camping Sat night. S3 8L. 5, Arrkon (Rob) - Weekend, not camping as im VERY local lol - A4 B5 6, JayP - Just Sunday - 8L S3
  13. J

    Fitting a TT exhaust onto an S3

    Thats a cool mod, well done :icon_thumright:
  14. J

    Lupo at UD 2013

    A little video of my mates Lupo in action at Ultimate Dubs UUTMK67TDIM
  15. J

    Formula one 2013

    F1 has always been like that. Back in the days number 2 drivers used to give up there cars for the number 1 driver to use if he occured a problem with his car. Ferrari like to operate as a team where they put the efforts on one side of the garage with the other side there to help picking up...
  16. J

    A6 saloon, A4 estate or S4 estate, or even S6?

    S6 mate. V10 power and noise = :yahoo: This S6 could be up for sale soon for around the £17-18K mark:
  17. J

    2013 BTCC

    Should be another close season. Be interesting to see how quick the new VW CC and BMW 1-Series are compared to the regular front running cars. Good luck to the Audi's.
  18. J

    Formula one 2013

    Looking forward to the morning. Watch out for the fast-starting Ferrari's :yes:
  19. J

    Hand Wash Car washers!!!

    Hand car washers = Swirl marks.
  20. J

    Audi interior clean £50 very disappointing

    £50 for a interior clean at Audi, would be interesting to know what a detailing company would charge. When my mate sends his S6 in for a service at the dealers he actually tells them not to wash/vac it as they did a terrible job the first time he had it done, it came back with water marks all...