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    100k plus S3's

    bought mine 5 months ago with 97,957 miles on the clock since then ive done over 10k with no real problems . think my maf is on its way out but thats it. just looked through the history all main stealer . its had 1 coil pack at 65k fuel pump at 66k cambelt at 73k a couple of sensors by the...
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    clutch life question ?

    Hi all, i'm intrested in any information of the average clutch life in miles on the s3 . mY car has done 104 k happily but i'm starting to wonder at what point the clutch is likely to let me down ? Also any idea what the replacement cost is from a main stealer ?
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    Road tax query

    Intresting, i have the face lift model late 2001 but log says 223g which i'm pretty pleased with. But im sure its got the 225 engine not that i really care as its be super chipped . Edit : just checked log book its the amk ? I'm a little confused now as i thought the late 01's with face...
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    Road tax query

    So whats the difference between the amk and bam engine then ? My s3 is 30/10/01 and is the 225 model but log book states 223g
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    Need some decent brakes!

    There is a set of s3 calipers on e gay for £30 buy it now if you still want some !
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    Superchips help !

    Just found this on there web site : seems the 54 bhp increase is based on the 210bhp version . so 225 = 264bhp Audi S3 2001 - 2003 Engine type : Turbocharged Petrol Engine size : 1781 cm3 Cylinders : 4 Original bhp : 225 Original nm : 280 BHP increase : 54 NM gain : 86 Lb/Ft gain : 63...
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    Superchips help !

    Thanks for that, but can anyone explain the custyomer key to me its about the size of a thin match box and has several contacts down on side as if it should plug in some where ? Whats it for !
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    Fitted Huge FMIC

    what is the size of these intercoolers ?
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    Superchips help !

    It goes pretty well to be honest but fuel economy seems pretty poor !
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    Superchips help !

    I recently bought my s3 and shortly after found a super chips ltd customer key hidden away in the glove box . No mension was made from the dealer which made me wonder wheather or not it had been chipped . After a mate of mine drove my car and compared it to his i turned out mine has been...
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    New s3 - a few questions !

    Thanks for the advice above. Im not really bothered now about the air con panel the old one looked like it did more but thats wrong !! as for the seats maybe down the line i'll install them but not suree yet . thanks for the cruise control link alijames
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    New s3 - a few questions !

    Thanks for the reply, for the heated seats is the wiring likely to be there ? Also i fit the older style heater panel ? Finally what will i need to get to get the cruise control working. Thanks steve.
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    New s3 - a few questions !

    Hi all, a while ago i had a w plate pre face lift s3, but i have now bought a new face lift 51 model . I have a couple of questions as in my old one i had heated seats with dash control i had cruise control and i had a larger screened heater control panel. My question is were these all...
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    insurance quote,

    i just had a qoute from green light car is - w/2000 - s3 - no mods me - 22y/o - 1yr no claims - 12 months - fully comp - 2 years driving completly clean license £972 a year fully comp i think thats pretty good Unfortunatly i have bought the s3 half way through an insurance...
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    Need help with Fault codes please

    They both look to be the same unit, a lamda sensor has both a heater and an oxygen sensor in one unit So i'd say that its the first sensor the lambda sensor, maybe its disconnected ? likely that it is faulty The lamda detects the corect air fule ratio for the ecu so will not be helping mpg...
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    Newbie cam belt question...

    I am pretty compatant dispite not being a mechanic ! If you take it easy and do things in the right order there is no reason for it to fail ! I have done a few peugeot cambelts with no trouble at all , just wondring on access etc ?
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    VAG-com license

    I went for it after all, seemed a bargain for less than £50
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    how can i tell if i have a bose setup ?

    I have the stock system running now from a after marlet h/u , and to be honest im not very impressed, it definitaly requires inprovement What exactly is suppled with your sub ? Ill need to fit it as im so far away in Cornwall !
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    how can i tell if i have a bose setup ?

    Well each to their own i guess ! I tend to set it all up once an leave it alone !
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    Traction control not working !

    Now my vag com has arrived i have found the same fault with mine under the abs section its say lateral acceleration sensor . i cleared the fault code and the esp light went out but after turning the ignition off then on again it was back with the same fault code Dose any one have a...