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    1.9tdi pd Car won't start flashing glow plug

    any updates on this, where did you get your second brake sensor from?
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    Stance coilovers

    any updates on these coilovers and where did you get them from? Any issues with rust or ride quality as time has gone on?
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    are there any things to look out for when buying second hand cables?
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    Boot solenoid

    resurrecting an old post, but just ordered mine from ebay thanks to your help :)
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    Pd 130 More power?

    pd130 generally don't need injectors unless they've gone past 250bhp
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    Off-road Mk1 TT 225

    :sign omg:
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    1.SPORTSTRACTOR (James) - Barnstaple 2. ScottB5 (Scott) - Plymouth 3 (Scott) - Torquay 4. Audimad100 - Penzance 5. pats3poa (Pat) - Exeter 6.JD007F (James) Hayle 7.tonya4 (Tony) -Barnstaple 8. dancupra225 (Dan) - Redruth 9. Jack_Of_All_Trades (Jack) - Street, Somerset 10. rokape (Josh) -...
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    A9 1.9tdi cutting out and start up problem

    check the diesel filter and when it was changed. may also be worth scanning for codes, do you have contaminated fuel?
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    Hello, new audi a4 owner

    good morning
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    Hello, new audi a4 owner

    thanks, first time driving german cars and I have no major complaints apart from sensor issues that come up every now and then
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    Are there any cheap remap options??

    don't go cheap, go to a decent tuner that knows his stuff, "buy cheap buy twice" replacing engines isn't ideal
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    Hello, new audi a4 owner

    Hello, I have a b6 a4 tdi and a mk1 tt 225
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    Pd 130 More power?

    bigger turbo, FMIC,cams and head work, 150 head bolts, custom map
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    Hello, new audi a4 owner

    Hello, my name is ash, new to audi's but not new forums.