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    Airbag randomly exploded? Wtf

    Hi, I am posting on behalf of my GF, she was driving her car today (VW POLO 1.4 2006) and out of nowhere the passenger side seat airbag exploded, there was nobody else in the car apart from her and there is no damage to the car anywhere. None of the other airbags went off, only the passenger...
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    **Android Headunit rear speaker fix!! No extra parts needed**

    This solved my issue and saved me wasting £25 on a cable. Thanks a lot.
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    130k mile service

    My 2007 a3 tdi quattro 170 has just hit 130k miles, still going strong. Due a service soon and would like to know if theres anything specific i may as well get done at this time other than oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter etc? Had new gearbox oil 5k miles ago along with a kevlar clutch...
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    Audi A3 8P Aftermarket Android Problems.

    Have you used one of these yourself mate? Just want to make sure its the right one before I buy it.
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    18 Years Old looking for Insurance on Audi A4

    got insured on a 2.0 tdi quattro 170bhp at 19 with 0 years NCB for £1500 with admiral multicar.
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    Head unit quiet speakers

    they are just the standard speakers in an A3 sportback
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    Head unit quiet speakers

    Fitted an android headunit from eBay on my 2007 A3. The rear speakers and sub are noticeably quieter than the previous stock audi symphony unit. With the previous unit the bass was so strong and punchy that the rear glass used to vibrate and sound quality in general was nice and even. Does...
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    Blower Motor

    i bought a new one off ebay and that doesnt seem to work either :/ I don't have a multimeter but I will try and borrow one/source one. I'm going to go and buy some new fuses in a last ditch attempt, otherwise I'm a bit screwed and might have have to take it to a specialist / auto electrician...
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    Blower Motor

    My fan was making a weird noise for a few months now which disappeared when the fan is off and over the weekend stopped working completely, i put the fan on full via the.climate control dashboard and it still pushes out no air. Checked fuse 40 for the blower, its a 40amp fuse, seemed to be fine...
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    Sportback 2006/2008MY Special Edition build numbers

    Mine seems to have chrome roof rails aswell.
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    Instrument cluster turns off

    Same thing hapened to me, alarm kept going off aswell. I thought it was the boot microswitch but it turned out to be the convenience module in the boot had gotten wet due to a leaking washer pipe.
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    Sportback 2006/2008MY Special Edition build numbers

    I have a 2007 2.0 170 quattro tdi s line special edition.
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    Coolant light

    Luckily its fixed now. Thanks to all for help.
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    Next Stage for 2.0tdi tune

    Dpf and remap will see 215bhpish. Hybrid turbo is needed to excees this. Stock injectors are only capable of flowing 270bhp of fuel with heavy smoke.
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    Coolant light

    I hope so!
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    Coolant light

    I turned on car again this morning and light came on again, i scraped the two metal rods and the light has gone off, a few little bits of grime came off it. Hopefully it stays off otherwise I will buy a new bottle. I bet its a pain to fit..
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    Audi S Line Speakers

    is there much difference mate?
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    Coolant light

    they both are very shiny, look almost new to me. if the message still comes up in the morning I will give it a go mate. Hopefully it was just a loose cable.
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    Coolant light

    Plug going into coolant reservoir seemed a bit loose so sprayed some contact cleaner and reseated tightly. We will see how it goes tomorrow morning.
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    Coolant light

    Coolant light came on my car and has kept coming on for a few days now, the coolant reservoir is full, after driving the car for a few seconds the light goes off. Car is using no oil and theres no symptoms of head gasket gone, could it be air in the system as I had it drained a few weeks ago...