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    Calling Tfsie owners

    Well looks like i be getting a 40tfsie after all 45 competition tax was £590 a year ! With the luxury tax! Can't justify that !
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    Calling Tfsie owners

    Thanks all, just been to sell mine now and hunt for a 45 competition
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    Calling Tfsie owners

    That's good to hear just what I was after is yours the 40 tfsie or 45? I don't think it will make much difference economy wise but how do you find the performance ? Does it feel a heavy car ? I'm coming from a diesel anyway so I don't think there would be a huge difference. So if you had a...
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    Calling Tfsie owners

    Thanks good advice I expect it to be heavier I know it won't be a proper hot hatch but l the cheap charge and teenage kind of suits us 95% of the time and extra power over the 150 tdi I currently have is appealing 100hp more
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    Calling Tfsie owners

    Hello, I'm thinking of changing my a3 8y diesel edition 1 for a a3 45 tfsie. We don't really justify a diesel with our Mileage anymore. Most our trips are 5 miles each way and maybe a 120 mile round trip at weekends However still see around 30 mpg local and 70mpg on a spin. I've been...
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    Very occasional Beeping from Glove box area (UK spec S Line)

    Funny you say that on weekend I had same beep not sure where it came from was confused no warnings popped up
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    35 tdi remap anyone done it

    Anyone remapped the 8y 35tdi ? 150 bhp standard quick Google suggests around 190 bhp, Dms quoted 210bhp just a stage 1 ? Not sure who to go with and out if intrest what are the differences with this engine and the golf 8' gtd which is 200bhp standard is it turbo and Injectors or just turbo...
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    8Y vs. Golf 8, build quality

    Owned a golf 8 gtd nothing but software and electrical problems 3 new steering wheels. But I'm sure the 8.5 will be sorted. The golf 8 gtd I felt was very heavy handling wise and would skip so to speak if suspension hit a bump mid corner quite didn't give much confidence handling wise. Compared...
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    Audi a3 8y ambient light coding and retrofit

    Be watching this.. what kit did you get ?
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    So Irritating!

    Sounds same as golf 8 ! Which is why I chopped mine in, seems even the newest golf 8 's still experiencing these problems. for software issues
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    What have you done to your 8Y today?

    Which kit did you use ?
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    Remap friendly dealers

    Does such a thing exsist? I'm in South wales and would like to get my 35tdi remapped. Are there any dealers close to me that offer remaps and therefor would honor engine and gearbox warranty should issues arise?
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    2020 Audi A3 8Y - Steering knock

    Sorry to jump in, I get a knocking sound gping over speed bumps seems to be from drives wheel area, cars only done 5000 miles. Not as loud as the video above though I just wonder if its related to the top mounts mentioned above ? Nothing on full lock in either direction
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    Service deal

    I see thanks
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    Service deal

    What models a3 are you guys talking about ?or all services same costs I'd imagine a diesel service would be cheaper than say and rs3 or s3 (performance car tax) or not?
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    Parts catalogue

    Hello does anyone know of an online parts diagram with part numbers for an a3 8y ? Thanks
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    Dab radio artist pic

    Sometimes the mmi displays the artists picture and song name etc.. when It does work it updates each song which is pretty cool Other times it doesn't is this a bug or do I need to be doing something to see this?
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    Fuses for dashcam

    Thanks !
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    Fuses for dashcam

    Hello does anyone know which fuses to conenct to for Blackvue Dashcam I need switched and permanent live Thanks