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    MY09 & MY11 3Door Rear Lights - Part Number - Photos

    Just like to recommend NHN for anyone who wants a set of MY11 rear lights. Just purchased a set this week from NHN, cheaper than the Audi dealer near me and quick delivery aswell. Easy swap over with the old set, only takes 10mins. They look great, really freshen up the car.
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    Private Messaging

    Thanks for the reply.
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    Private Messaging

    Hi guys, just wondering do you need a certain number of posts, before you can send a private message to a member here? Sent one to a member and have no reply yet and its still states its unread. I'm fairly new on here so I haven't made many posts yet. Thanks.
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    S3 pedals

    Picked up a set from Schnell-tuning-versand on ebay the other week for £46 plus £7.99 postage. Quick delivery as well at a good price. Seen them cost alot more from other sellers on ebay. Pretty straight forward fitting them, but wiring plug didn't want to come out of the accelerator pedal. With...
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    B-pillar Refurb

    Hi folks, first post here. Sorry to start a new thread here if this has been covered before. My driver side b-pillar finish is badly flaked off, at least half of it. Thinking of refurbing both b-pillars by rubbing down and respraying with either a matt or gloss black finish. The pillars are...