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  1. J

    Albums you always return to.

    Manic street preachers first album. Its on my ipod and don't tell me what its called???
  2. J


    I don't want to ruin it for anyone but leonardo turns out to be an alien from outerspace! Sorry guys - i had to let it go!!!
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    cant wait to see this!
  4. J

    New wheels but brakes look tired

    try potn then instead
  5. J

    Car Buyers beware-flaw in HPI mileage checks

    Whenever you buy a car, you should ALWAYS check that the service book matches the mot's. That is the ONLY way to confirm milages. You can also call your local dealer to verify milages held on the audi national database. If in doubt - cross it out!
  6. J

    New wheels but brakes look tired

    Brembos are not out of the question mate, try bremboshop you can afford them. That should tidy it up loads.
  7. J

    Getting to know you - What do you do???

    I fly hot air balloons!
  8. J

    Speed Cameras - your thoughts...

    sooner they are gone the better. How can it be safe to look at a down at a speedo in fear and not look at the road ahead. Money making at its best from the authorities! I have 9 points all for being 10mph over the limit!!! I have learned nothing from getting the points. Cars have changed...
  9. J

    A bit of random anything..

    if i am here and your there, how come you think your here and i am there?
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    England v Hungary

  11. J

    Same Registration on Different Cars

    If that's true its definitely illegal. You can only have 1 car on 1 registration.
  12. J

    How many..........

    1 for me, but today i am cutting it out. Its not good for you!!!
  13. J

    Seems a little excessive?!

    top brains for the man on the bonnet - what would happen to him if he drove off??? Is that really necessary for a pensioner? He obviously didn't do what they asked him to do, so they got annoyed and decided to act like that - Pride comes before a fall comes to mind!!
  14. J

    Selling a car back to the person we bought it from..

    am i missing the point? Why would someone buy a car back at the same price as what they sold it to you for. I think you might need to re-evaluate this one - "first refusal" means exactly that. I am not trying to be funny it just seems like we are getting a little excited here!
  15. J

    3yrs and still find new thing about my car!!

    its correct about the car locking itself. If you are ever in a dealer for a service or something, you can also ask them to programme it to "blip" when you lock it. Its a standard thing in Germany, but our noise laws prevent it here!
  16. J

    Indicators go on but dont flash

    or it could just be a fuse - check all the fuses. If not it could be the hazard relay switch
  17. J

    R8 Spyder broken down already?

    it could have been worse - could have had a puncture in a ford escort! If it was a puncture - what was wrong with the emergency tyre repair kit????????
  18. J

    Ideas on what to buy for the S3

    how about brembo max brakes?