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    Trav All Dog guard for sale

    How much do you want for this ?
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    Genuine RS6 C7 Matt chrome mirrors £80

    Was told they were sold mate
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    Genuine RS6 C7 Matt chrome mirrors £80

    Hiya scottfree il take them off your hands
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    Audi a4 quattro diferencial issues

    how did you get on with the new torsen,did this cure your problem as I am experiencing the same symptoms and if you don't mind how expensive was it
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    S3 PE1820 big turbo build

    Welly great work youve done and good luck on your next chase nothing better than instant response when you hit the loud pedal, anyway have you tried Andy Forest Performance, well known tuner in subaru scene but also builds turbos to your needs. Very well respected and praised tuner and very...
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    Rally style mud flaps on an S3?

    Halfords def do pvc rally flaps been looking into doing this myself and think will look the dogs b######s lowered and wheels spaced out
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    Hello from Canada

    welcome mike, dying to try mines in the snow is it any good. Bob
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    As above here we go again, clutch started slipping today on motorway on boost, been searching through stikys seems to be quite a diffrence in clutch prices, looking for a clutch that will stand up to 330bhp s3 for a decent price prices so far 1k for uprated clutch fitted, location scotland c...
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    :applaus::jester: HAHAHAHAHAHA you cany beat a good rant and this was only part of my rant, al keep the rest for another time keep on talking to each other boys and girls:hi:
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    :undwech:Dont you all feel better now getting all that rage out lol, now get your asses in gear and get back to fixing your S3s maybe it will run better tomoz and put that wee smile back on your faces for a few miles more, or just go out and pick a race with something worthwhile and blow them to...
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    :thumbsup: lol looks like your volunteering yourself to be numbero uno diagnostic man there my good man, where you in scotland m8 im glasgow area myself:thumbsup:
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    you seem to be assuming ive got a 5k motor m8 can assure i paid a lot more than that for mtm big turbo version:drag: I had scoobys for 9yrs drove them hard not one fell apart the way this is or gave me the grief S3 does but i will persivere and i will tame the beast:racer:
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    S3 you buy it because it looks the part and vorsprung durch so should be good right. You get it home, live with it for a couple of weeks then it starts. You start to hear noises, rattles, grunts n groans all kinds of air noises. Lets find out what this is open bonnet nice engine covers that...
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    Clunking noise when steering

    sounds like a cv joint m8, put on full lock if clonks like mad more or less guaranteed cv
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    It's worth shopping about

    recently bought a new MAF sensor, one stealer quoted 240 plus vat, second quoted 73 plus vat for exchange both main audi dealers, will never take first quote again hope you all do same, what a diffrence in price for same part, same part number. First one took the huff to told me i was talking...
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    MTM tuned supposedly, advice please?

    cheers for input guys think defo needs map to bring in earlier
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    MTM tuned supposedly, advice please?

    Been at audi garage that done suspension, spoke to mechanic who knew the car he said its always been late booster since conversion was done.
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    MTM tuned supposedly, advice please?

    wastegates on the outside of the turbo and plumbed into the downpipe m8.
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    MTM tuned supposedly, advice please?

    thats the very 1 m8 plenty of power wen on boost and doesnt loose a drop all the way to red line just doesnt come in quik enuf for my liking, ok if your giving it beans nothing looks at it just keeps catching you out when you least expect it. Hopping to get it up to star when finnish up work for...