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    i think she only came to get her parking validated and they ended up giving her a car, i wonder why :lol:
  2. dummi

    Driving Your S3 / A3 At Speed = Twats

    if your going to make a point about speeding, use someone that was purely speeding not also drunk and I guarantee 100% of people on here will agree speeding and killing people is bad... this is more of a trolling thread , and worst its exploiting the pain of a family , you should be ashamed
  3. dummi

    1999 A6 2.7T Quattro Avant info please.

    make a trip over to or, the 2.7t is popular there, but unfortunately a6's are few whatever forum you go thats a real bargain for 3k,the standard wheels are much grippier than 18''s on these it makes use of the tyre flex in the deeper tyres cos it is a bit lardy. always...
  4. dummi

    1999 A6 2.7T Quattro Avant info please.

    the map is for more torque less power I think for fuel economy and to shift the barge and it does shift well on this map from a standstill - endless changes you can make to it until it drives how you want though mine is the same year, the centre console has a single DIN so not sure if an S6...
  5. dummi

    BHP/Ton for the most efficient engine in the world...

    and the redline up from 102rpm to 130rpm iirc :lol:
  6. dummi

    1998 S4 - have i blown the turbos?

    you need to take the engine out to get to the turbo's, engine and gearbox come out quite easily together
  7. dummi

    Surging Issue - Map itself?

    boost leak maybe if something falls out of and back into place, or if you are using a different n75 than the one used for the remap or recommended for it you will have a different boost curve than the one programmed
  8. dummi

    Cut back blades on Turbo..

    think you got that the wrong way round
  9. dummi

    Greatest Username?

    couldn't be *****, probably should of tried harder oh well
  10. dummi

    5289 bhp 350z

    seen faster ones on there :))
  11. dummi

    I need wheels for my 2000 A6 2.7T!!!

    a6 2.7t is same pcd as any a4 and a6, you shouldn't have a problem finding wheels
  12. dummi

    Quite a setup!!!!

    ****** but dont worry about it
  13. dummi

    what speed to achieve best mpg?

    absolutely spot on. depending how powerful your car is, 2500rpm is around where manufacturers set optimum torque and gears to match drag and predicted speed requirement on the motorway in the overdrive gear but slower the better, for example in theory one gear down at 2500rpm would be better...
  14. dummi

    Gearbox chatter from Spec Alu Flywheel

    do some research on spec stg 3+ there are reports of problems with that clutch
  15. dummi

    what speed to achieve best mpg?

    usually around 2500rpm cruising speed
  16. dummi

    Lowered cars YUK !

    evomaster you have an overweight 1.9tdi not like you know about handling
  17. dummi

    Crazy Idea

  18. dummi

    189mph A3

    actually just to make it clear for you guys or this will go on for ever engine speed is proportional to wheel speed BY overall gear ratio, 5th on audi box's is often around 2-4 ratio finally, 6th most certainly is depending on 5th gear in his box that speed is possible, 460bhp that speed is...
  19. dummi

    Crazy Idea

    nice thinking, but co2 and no2 spray freeze the intercooler, if your thinking blowing aircon air onto the intercooler its not nearly cold enough. spraying aircon fluid onto the intercooler would be still paying for a something to spray on plus I have no idea what side effects air con fluid...
  20. dummi

    Quattro Bits...

    could be wrong but I don't think the shells are the same, the quattro has recessed areas shaped into the underside to fit drivetrain, suspension, fuel tank and exhaust