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    MMI Software Update 3801 to 3853 - Experiences?

    I have a 2023 RS3 Vorsprung which came with MMI Software Version 3801 from the factory. I know this version is more stable than the earlier versions, but I still have the system periodically crash on me and freeze, requiring a reset each time. I understand Audi have now released Version 3853...
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    Remus Exhaust - Any experience?

    Morning, looking at ways to enhance the sound of my RS3 and wondered if anyone has experience of the Remus exhaust on the 8Y? Thanks
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    Akrapovic exhaust - why is so much wiring required??

    Glad it isn’t just me - here’s the link to the instructions. It seems that it requires a Control Kit to be fitted which includes a Controller TNG and CAN sniffer…well beyond my...
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    Akrapovic exhaust - why is so much wiring required??

    A little bit of daydreaming, but I saw Akrapovic now offer a GPF back exhaust for the 8Y. From the installation instructions on their website, it seems to involve a lot of additional wiring, which confused me - shouldn’t you just be able swap the value controller units over and you’re up and...
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    RS3 Sportback 8Y - New Owner Questions

    Thanks all for the quick replies - I look forward to seeing the difference in steering once I begin to press on a bit!
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    RS3 Sportback 8Y - New Owner Questions

    I've just taken delivery of a new RS3 Sportback and just had a couple of questions which I hope the members might be able to help with. The first question is about the steering - I'm struggling to notice any real difference in feel and weighting between 'comfort' and 'dynamic' - is this...
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    Review of MPS4s

    Of those who have switched to the MPS4s and stuck with the staggered setup how many have had issues with the TC? I ask as I have an FL Sportback as I really don’t think the Pirelli’s do the car justice and Goodyear have no immediate plans to launch the Supersport in 255/30 R19.
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    Review of MPS4s

    ******...I was hoping the 255 release would be soon...
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    Review of MPS4s

    Amazing! Were you running the Pirelli R02 before? Appreciate that you’ve only just changed, but what are your initial impressions and have you had any TC issues since changing?
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    Review of MPS4s

    Is anyone thinking of trying the new Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersport? They have released the 235/35 r19 but not the 255/30 r19 sizing at this point - but I understand they are only just trickling the tyre into the market
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    Brembo brake pads

    I contacted the UK importer of Brembo Sport a couple of months back and they told me that the current pad wear indicator isn’t compatible with the FL, so I could either retrofit the current lead into the pads when changing them or wait for the new pads to be released...but they didn’t have due...
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    More info about Audi Sport performance parts

    Can you share the details of what Audi dealers are able to supply the Performance Parts? I contacted Tom at Crewe Audi earlier today and he advised that these aren’t supplied in the UK. I’m interested to know what the cost of the 2 piece front discs are as well as the sport front pads.
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    Brake pad warning?!

    Any update on how you’re finding these as I’m thinking about upgrading my OE pads to these.
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    FL Pirelli alternatives

    I’ve been following the discussions about Pirelli tyres and wear and wanted to know what alternatives people have tried on a factory staggered set-up. I know from personal experience that the P4S is a great tyre, but it seems to cause TC issues, so I’m particularly interested to know if anyone...
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    Sat Nav Map Update?

    Just logged into MyAudi to see if there is a map update for my FL and I can’t see any options for checking the current available map option and downloading the update. What am I missing??
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    Michelin P4S - Staggered Set-up Photos

    Hi, I’m thinking about changing the OE Pirelli’s for a set of Michelin P4S. I have the staggered set-up and wondered if anyone can share any photos of what the car looks like running on P4S’ as I know the P-Zeros are narrower than a standard 255/30 R19.
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    Facelift Weird Tyre Wear on RS3 (FL)

    Did Pirelli give you a timeframe as to when they expect to get back you on this? I only as as having driven the car in the wet this weekend, I wasn’t massively inpresressed with the tyres, so wanted what Pirelli come back and whether there might be an updated version produced (in time)
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    Changing from Pirelli to MPS4s advice....

    Hi, I've been following this and the other Michelin tyre conversations which have been taking place. Has anyone who has swapped the Pirelli's for the Pilot Sport 4s on a FL SB with a staggered setup on the factor wheels had any problems in terms of TC or the like? I've had them fitted to my...
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    MTM tuning box

    I'm really interested in this discussion. I had an MTM tuning box on my Golf Mk 7 R previously which was for me, the ideal solution, although I recognise that a full map would always deliver more over a tuning box. Whilst I haven't long taken delivery of my FL RS3, I had been speaking to QST...