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    TTRS potential purchase!

    Hi mate. Just bought a 2018 Mk3 TTRS so can describe some detail on that, but can't help with the differences in the drive etc. My initial thoughts (not experience, just thoughts) on the differences though are the massive difference in technology available. The digital cockpit is a great bit...
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    Audi TTS

    I personally believe that if a car has stickers warning you against having anyone over 4' 9"/1.45m in the back (as mine has), it's probably not that practical lol.
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    No suspension options in 'individual' drive select?

    It might have been sold with "Audi Sport Suspension" which is a standard feature. My TTRS is the same as yours - sport suspension (not mag ride) and only indirect TPMS - not worried though, it detected a 3 psi drop in tyre pressure and flagged it up.
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    Facelift TR Hamza MRC

    Hamza is an influencer - nothing more. He'll simply go to the place that gives him stuff for free (as they all do). Whether there was something wrong with the map/service from infinit is anyone's guess, but he's taken their money/free service for advertisement and he's unlikely to slag them off...
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    Revo Stage 2 - incoming

    I don't think it's so much because APR got swallowed up by a big company, but more like that in the USA, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has started fining companies that produce tuning parts that would bypass/reduce the "clean features" of cars big sums of money. With APR being an...
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    Sportback Reyland brake upgrade (front & rear), size advice

    There's a lot more to it than disc size - pad area, piston sizes, weight distribution etc. are all factors in brake balance. However, I also believe that your suspension will have as much to do with this (if not more) than your brakes. From what you describe, if you had less dive/weight...
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    Wiring diagram for TTMk3 (Audio install)

    After all that - found one online.
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    Wiring diagram for TTMk3 (Audio install)

    ...or even an idea where the speaker feeds originate from (behind glovebox or in boot?)
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    Wiring diagram for TTMk3 (Audio install)

    Hi all, Does anyone know of (or even better, have) a wiring diagram for the audio system on the base (non B&O) stereo in the Mk3 TT at all. It's a 2018 RS if that makes a difference. Looking to add a small install to make up for the non B&Oness of the car. Ta in advance.
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    Can you remove the rear diffuser on a 2018 TTRS?

    Nicely done - that'll probably be the thing for me to do - that and the rear hubs (but I know how to strip them lol)
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    Can you remove the rear diffuser on a 2018 TTRS?

    As per the title really, just bought a 2018 TTRS and the tailpipes are flaking like mad. Would like to give them a rub down and respray in Gloss black (it's the sports exhaust, so already black) but obviously, even after masking, I don't want any overspray on the diffuser. Alternatively, how...
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    Audi AO tyres whats the difference?

    Sorry to (yet again) resurrect an old thread but what's the difference between AO and RO1? Just about to buy a TTRS and they are replacing 1 rear tyre as it's below their tread depth limit but the other one is just above. They've quoted £331 for a replacement tyre to match the other one but I...
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    Is keyless entry standard on the TTRS 8S? or is it just keyless start?

    After all the replies and in answer to my own question - yes they are separate lol. Test drove (and bought) a 2018 one today! It doesn't have keyless entry, but does have keyless start.
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    Is keyless entry standard on the TTRS 8S? or is it just keyless start?

    Yeah, it's properly confusing lol. I've only ever seen the option of both together before now.
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    Mk 2 2009 TT 2.0FSi gearbox

    Even if it doesn't help alleviate the noise, changing the oil will let you (or your mechanic) check for excessive metal shavings which might indicate a bigger problem.
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    Is keyless entry standard on the TTRS 8S? or is it just keyless start?

    Thanks for that - I knew it was an option that's part of a pack (didn't remember the name mind, cheers), but it seems that ALL of the mk3 TTRS' have a stop/start button on the steering wheel, meaning (unless I'm mistaken) they have got keyless start but it's still got keyless entry listed as an...
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    Is keyless entry standard on the TTRS 8S? or is it just keyless start?

    Not really what I was asking. I'm mainly if keyless entry is standard or just keyless start.
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    Is keyless entry standard on the TTRS 8S? or is it just keyless start?

    I'm in the market for a 2017/18 TTRS and there's a few out there I've seen but I'm a little confused... Am I right in thinking that whilst keyless start is standard, keyless entry is part of an option pack (that I think also contains the B&O, rear view camera and auto hold)? Or, is keyless...
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    Can you convert the electric rear spoiler to an OEM fixed spoiler on the 8s?

    As per the title really, I've been looking around for a 2016 onwards (8s) TTRS and am struggling to find one in the spec and colour (Ara blue) I'd like. I have found one but it had the "fixed spoiler delete" option fitted from the factory and I think it's one of the defining features of the...
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    Mirrors forward problem

    Do your have electric folding mirrors and do they go to the normal "open" position when you lock the car? If so, I think what's happened is that when your car has been closed/locked with the mirrors folded in, someone will have manually pulled them back out not realising. They will probably...