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  1. Juicy Jen

    Quick wash and then it rained, beading

    Lol come on then chop chop :p
  2. Juicy Jen

    Quick wash and then it rained, beading

    It's a slipper slope, but your never satisfied with what's in your kit as you always think you can better it!
  3. Juicy Jen

    Swirl marks etc

    By all means pop by but I'm not in everyday at the moment due to nearing the end of my pregnancy so it might be worth dropping me a pm before hand. I am returning to detailing work around end of March/early April which is a good time after winter to get the motors looking shiny again :)
  4. Juicy Jen

    White paint on black car nightmare - HELP!

    Sorry that I'd not come across this thread sooner, but looks like you've managed to get most of it sorted out. The black magic will basically mask with fillers any remaining issues with the bonnet/bumper therefore this will be a temporary fix. I would suggest that once the weather improves...
  5. Juicy Jen

    Swirl marks etc

    I'm based in the North East, but I'm sorry the cost would definitly be more than £50 and I'd be skeptical of anybody that charges that little to let them loose on my own car.....
  6. Juicy Jen

    Anyone no if juicy Jens is open 27th ?????

    oooooo now now!!!
  7. Juicy Jen

    tryied my new things from santa today

    Well the Wookie is known to bring out funny reactions from people....our local traffic cop has a fetish about them!
  8. Juicy Jen

    Juicy's Green Goblin Build Thread

    Unfortunately any mods have been put on hold as im 38 weeks pregnant, so nothing new unfortunately :) Tucked away for winter for the time being. Thanks for the comments :)
  9. Juicy Jen

    Bilbury and Audi Rotors

    I wouldn't recommend continual use of neat Bilberry as it can affect the paint on the calipers. I generally use a dilution rate of 4:1. It is good to fully clean, decontaminate and then seal the alloys as it does make maintenance cleaning much easier and faster
  10. Juicy Jen

    Anyone no if juicy Jens is open 27th ?????

    Andrew and Stuart should be in from 9am to probably 4 I would say, but the earlier you get there the better :)
  11. Juicy Jen

    Kestrel Das 6 Pro or Meguiars G220 v2

    I would add that not all rotaries start on the same speeds so it can be hard to jewel and refine for final polishing, which is where it's then useful to have a DA machine.
  12. Juicy Jen

    Kestrel Das 6 Pro or Meguiars G220 v2

    Kestral have become Deltalyo so it's the same company :)
  13. Juicy Jen

    My new s3

    Looking good and nice spec :icon_thumright:
  14. Juicy Jen

    help help help help!!!!!! brand new paint damaged!!

    Have you got this sorted yet?
  15. Juicy Jen

    Chem guys Citrus wash and gloss / Tribble mitt and Woolley Mammoth

    It won't remove your existing protection by using more than recommended so there is no need to be concerned. All the shampoos we stock are highly concentrated some more than others and I generally use 1 to 2 capfuls in our buckets we stock (20 litres).
  16. Juicy Jen

    New RS3 owner!

    sods law that! nice looking motor - congrats
  17. Juicy Jen

    any one used this

    I'm sure we have already spoken about this before Simon regarding the process of preparation.....
  18. Juicy Jen

    any one used this

    Hhhmmmm.....well for one there guarantee isnt worth anything as they are saying you need to use their shampoo on a regular basis afterwards, therefore how can you prove you have or havent used it so I don't think that is worth the paper its written on, ie its their get out clause. This...
  19. Juicy Jen

    Woolly Mammoth

    Or this is a good option: Chemical Guys Microfibre Wash and Rejuvenator 16oz | Drying Cloths | Washing & Drying | Juicy Detailing
  20. Juicy Jen

    Woolly Mammoth

    It might still be dirty, ideally you need to be washing all microfibres in a non biological washing liquid with no conditioner. Let them dry naturally and not in a radiator