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  1. Shao_khan

    Check This Out For a Cheap S3

    And are people goign to fall for the 'very rare car' - also why are they listing the 'ambition' spec - I didnt think we got that over here, I thought that was German / European spec descriptor?
  2. Shao_khan

    48hr Test Drives

    Be Carefull when you take one with Lexus folks - it seems that it is upsetting some well certainly one maindealer as folks appear to be using it as a free hire car :D Upset Lexus Dealer
  3. Shao_khan

    A3 Cab 1.8TSFi Finance Offer

    I'd have thought you'd get comparable deals on better cars - according tot he data I last saw the 1.8 has worse residuals to either of the TDis and also the sport and s-line have better residuals than the base car, so in theory this should reflect in monthly payments, if you were shopping around.
  4. Shao_khan

    1.9 owner - Am I the only one?!

    nope I have a 1.9 as well - great choice +++ yes remap somewhere iro 135bhp. Mine has exhaust that looks like this: so i assume mitek must also be possible.
  5. Shao_khan

    insurance for fitting aftermarket rns-e and bt

    Depends on insurer as with some you now have to declare factory options upon insuring the vehicle so if you change the spec and dont tell them they could get ar53y if they noticed. I told mine about the options and the premium reduced :o It was only £4 but it still went down - could be an...
  6. Shao_khan

    Audi Custom Paint @ £2400

    Audi colours have 2 choices: cheap option which is any audi colour - this would include java green, which Wayside in MK will be getting a R8 in java shortly - i think the car is in hitchen currently. expensive option is colour to sample effectively which effectively means they can match a...
  7. Shao_khan


    yeah - just here:
  8. Shao_khan


    Spec it on the German configurator - they have deepsea blue with titanium alloys - I know its not accurate, but it might help you a little.
  9. Shao_khan

    18's or 19's... Which Is It?

    If I were spendign the money on new rims - I'm not sure I'd go for CHs TBH - they are gettinga tad common - around me there are shed loads and I think they are in danger of becoming tired. I saw some RRs the other day and they really did stand out. So much so I was tempted for my Cab.
  10. Shao_khan

    New S3 discount

    2 ways to achieve this - the chap works for VW Group or has a family tie, this would give you around that level of discount, or the dealer is willing to write off a portion of his bonus in order to get the sale, this might happen if the dealer is a car short to make a month or year target and...
  11. Shao_khan

    Second Hand S3 8P Pre Facelif - Slim On Extra's

    Yeah factory Privacy glass is different glass. I forgot to order and had to have film on my S3 and it looks very different when you park up a factory and retro fitted tinted car. That Berry Car will be one of a kind - it looks fantastic in the flesh and they must be open to a deal on it as...
  12. Shao_khan

    2009 A3 S-Line & S3 Front Bumper

    This is a Cab S-line grill, taken from a bit lower down if it helps your choices. I think the S3 does look good.
  13. Shao_khan

    Does the A2 opensky have any known faults?

    -Link removed- A2 can suffer with anti roll bar issues - its a known issue and can cause a knocking noise at the front esp over humps and stuff. As far as the car goes Sport = very hard ride, my A2 sport is a stiffer ride than my S3 or moddified TT, it does look nice with the bigegr...
  14. Shao_khan

    How practical is the A2 boot?

    I went with myself, wife and 2 kids in the A2 a couple of weeks back to the airport for our Hols. THat was 4 people, 2 buggies and 4 suit cases (2 full size, 2 kiddy size) with ease. Cant fault it for our use.
  15. Shao_khan

    Juddering 1.6 Sport

    you see mine runs fine on 95 or 97 - seems to make no difference. THe thing I will say is that I have driven a A3 1.6 and it is a very different drive, I am not overly enthusiastic about the A2 1.6 - I expected more refinement from the engine and better performance given the weight. Once...
  16. Shao_khan

    Juddering 1.6 Sport

    check out - someone there should know.
  17. Shao_khan

    So, new S3 turbo upgrades

    I am fairly Sure Oettinger already have a turbo upgrade available. Not sure on cost though, but should be good fun :D
  18. Shao_khan

    Dilemma - TTS or Cayman S

    Yeah - I had a drive a few months back - Silverstone had a lovely Red 996 with aerokit - couldnt get my kiddy seats in tho (theyre 2 and 3) - I have looked :D
  19. Shao_khan

    New S3 owner - remap question

    I had the superchips on my S3 and have driven a couple of others, and I know Jonnyb reccons the GIAC map knocks spots off the superchips one, but IMO - he must have had a bad superchips map, because each car I have driven is slightly different, some are more 'urgent' but not one was...
  20. Shao_khan

    Dilemma - TTS or Cayman S

    I think Porsche actually took a backward step with the interior of the Cayman and new Boxster - I prefered my old Boxsters interior. Anyway back to the question, Cayman S every day of the week, at that money the Audi for me wouldnt get a look in - the Audi will be a good car, but it will...